The Truth About How to Write A Best Selling Ebook

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 3, 2010
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writing-21The truth about how to write a best selling ebook is probably not what you have heard from other Internet marketing gurus, but facts are hard to ignore.

First of all, the main advantage to writing a best selling ebook instead of having a  a “real” book published, is that it can be instantly delivered to the reader.

Although the format is alive and well, the basic ebook is actually a weak substitute for a real hardbound volume.

How to write a best selling ebook, or any other information product, is almost entirely a marketing exercise.

Everything about an ebook; from the topic you select, to how the content is positioned for the reader, to the copy writing strategies you use to sell it, boils down to determining what the people want and are willing to pay for.

Most ebooks are written in PDF format, which just happens to be the least useful and has the lowest perceived value to readers. This obviously affects how much you can realistically charge for the ebook, regardless of how valuable or useful the information is that is in it.

The real truth about how to write a best selling ebook isn’t as bad as it sounds; writing ebooks is not yet dead by any stretch of the imagination.

Although ebooks have none of the tangible attributes of information portability and convenience for readers; they do provide ease of creation, handling, and deliverability for authors.

One drawback for ebooks, is that for any topic where there is a physical book available, you will likely lose the sale to people like or eBay, regardless of whether it is downloadable or not.

It may not be fair, but people trust Amazon and when faced with a choice, will buy from them first.  They perceive real authors as being those who are delivered in ink and parchment.

The truth about how to write a best selling ebook if you intend to write 300 or more pages, is to have your book self published.

People that love to read books and read a lot of them, will generally want a “real” book to read, not an ebook.

A best selling ebook solves people’s problems, and the good news for people who want to make money with ebooks is that the best sellers are nowhere near 300 pages in length.

A best selling ebook that is only 10 to 50 pages long can often turn a tidy profit to the authors that provide a solution to problems people need solved for them.

Believe it or not, people don’t like to do in depth research online and are often skeptical of FREE information on the Internet.

If you can demonstrate that you are credible, or co author with someone who already has the credentials and can provide a solution to a real problem; you will definitely get sales.

The “instantly downloadable” aspect of the short ebook becomes a major selling point when you are selling to a highly motivated person with a problem.

The gurus will tell you that the key to creating a successful ebook is to “write what you love” and the money will follow.

The truth about how to write a best selling ebook is that regardless of the topic, you need to do four things correctly:

  • Identify a potentially profitable topic
  • Research the viability of developing a document
  • Find the “hot button” issues of potential buyers
  • Realize how the problem is viewed in the mind of the prospect

Creating valuable short problem solving document,  is the best way to write a best selling ebook.

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