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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 4, 2009
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Creating a persuasive resource box, or author’s bio, is the key to selling your article to your audience.

There are some DOs and DON’Ts that you should pay close attention to, when creating a persuasive resource box for your articles.                             expert_author_1

Your SIG, can either make or break how effective your article is responded to, after it has been published.

  • DO remember to include your name in the resource box along with your title, if you have achieved one.  Professor, Doctor, President, Duke, Pastor, etc. Your name and title should always be the first thing to see in your resource box.
  • DO remember to include your website address in a valid URL.  (
  • DO remember to include your brief USP, Unique Selling Proposition, in one or two sentences at most.  This is a synopsis of why your offer is unique.
  • DO keep your resource box benefit oriented, brief, and to the point.
  • DO remember to ask your reader for the sale.  This is your CALL TO ACTION to your reader; asking them to visit your website, and to buy your product or service.
  • DO try to capture your reader’s email address to begin the process of building their trust.  Instead of providing them with an email address, for them to JOIN your list; furnish them your ezine subscription address. This method builds your authority on your topic, with your readers.
  • DO furnish your business contact information, but remember that once your article receives major distribution, you may not be able to easily change this information.  Phone numbers or address changes would be difficult to edit, once your article is broadcast on the Internet.
  • DO give out FREE reports as part of your call to action.  This can bolster your credibility with your audience and further cement you as an expert in your field.
  • DO use an anchor URL sparingly, to build search engine optimization relevance, for a specific keyword term, if you need it.  You could link a long tail keyword like; “home based Internet marketing information” to your website, in your resource box.

Your persuasive resource box should NOT use the following strategies, as they have been proven ineffective and sometimes detrimental.

  • DO NOT try to list every accomplishment you have on your wall.  Most readers don’t really care about your achievements, they are looking for information.
  • DO NOT try to link to every website you own.  Irrelevant URLs that have nothing, or little to do with your article, do nothing but degrade your credibility with your readers.  Listing one URL that is specific to your article is a proven, more effective strategy.
  • DO NOT pitch products that are not relevant to your article.
  • DO NOT write an epic sized resource box.  Keep it small and focused on your article.  A long winded, convoluted resource box produces almost no benefit.

In short, the persuasive resource box should include your name, your website address, your unique selling proposition, and your simple call to action.

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