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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 3, 2009
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Have you considered selling your digital books on Clickbank?

If you’re passionate about your particular niche, and have considered writing an ebook on it, but lack the technical knowledge, and publishing expertise; you might want to try using Clickbank.

Clickbank has taken steps to make publishing and selling your digital ebooks easy.   clickbank_logo

They have an easy to follow process for authors to promote, and sell their digital books to their potential customers.

  • ClickBank’s system is user friendly and very easy to navigate.
  • They also provide an affordable publishing tool to help you along with the process.
  • Clickbank’s start up costs are comparatively low.  They charge a one time product activation fee of $49.95 to start.
  • For that they provide reliable, guaranteed secure, payment processing.
  • They accept Paypal, along with the major credit cards for payment, and they do not require that you have a merchant account.
  • They also provide you with fraud prevention.
  • Clickbank has a lot of experience with the promotion and sales of niche products.   They interact with over 100,000 global affiliates, that have the capability to promote your ebook.
  • If you do decide to sell your ebooks on Clickbank, you can expect to receive excellent customer support if you run into any problems.

Once you complete the registration process and get your password; you can access Clickbank to upload your content, and set the list price you want to charge for your digital book.

Once a sale is made, you will receive a percentage of the total retail price of the ebook; and ClickBank also gets a share.

When you upload your content, set the price, and pay the one time product activation fee; your ebook is promoted to the ClickBank Marketplace.  That’s all it takes to become a published ebook author.

ClickBank is probably the easiest way to earn money as a fledgling ebook author.  They sell hundreds of thousands of products through their system, and are used by countless affiliate marketers on the internet.

When you sell your digital books on ClickBank, see your ebook in publication, and begin to make money with your efforts; I’m sure you will continue writing more for your niche market.

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