Successfully Using Keywords In PPC Advertising

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 13, 2009
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Probably the most important success factor for successfully using keywords in PPC advertising; is to make sure that the keywords you are bidding on, correlates to the ad copy, and that that ad copy correlates to the exact spot, where the person doing the search, lands on the website.

If all of those are the same; then it’s very likely that you will get the searchers, they will click on the ad,  and when they get to the site, they will take the desired action.

If there is a significant difference anywhere in that chain; then the chain breaks, and the advertiser doesn’t make any money.

When advertisers design their textual advertising, on the product, or services, they hope to sell; they submit a relevant, targeted, keyword list to the product or service.

Because of the huge business volume under each category, it stands to reason that similar or identical keywords are being submitted, from different companies, for PPC advertising.

Google Adwords, determines which company, gets which keywords, through a system of bidding, that is in addition to, a relevancy of content system.

Advertisers compete and bid for keyword advertising.  The bidding for keywords usually starts at about five cents but can go much higher.  Advertisers try to outbid their competition for prized keywords, using this system.

Successfully using keywords in PPC advertising, is important for these reasons, and also because Google puts an additional emphasis on the relevance of the content of the website, to the keywords that are actually submitted, through the use of their automated computer system.

Again, make sure the keywords you are bidding on, correlates to your ad copy in order to get the most benefit from PPC advertising.

Remember that the PPC advertisement,  will only appear when the keywords that the ad was listed under, was specifically searched for by the potential customer.

Being positioned in the first few spots, on the right hand side of the advertising page, for the keyword that you successfully bid on, still requires a click on,  and the desired action from the searcher.

However, just acquiring this position shows that you are successfully using keywords in your PPC advertising.

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