Strategic Keyword Placement

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 6, 2012
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Strategic keyword placement in your content is by far the quickest way to get your site recognized by the search engines.

All Internet marketers know that content is the most powerful and useful search engine optimization tool you have in your arsenal.

Posting content that is relevant, keyword optimized and updated on a daily basis, is the quickest way to get your website to the top of the search engine results page and keep it there.

Most people erroneously believe that keywords are only used for meta data.

This is not the case.

Strategic Keyword Placement

Strategic Keyword Placement

Keywords play an extremely important part in how the search engines sort out the relevance of various web sites compared to what people are actually searching for.

They also help the person searching find a site that matches what they are trying to find.

How often you should use keywords in your content is a matter of opinion.

Ideally, you should try to make your keywords blend into your content so it reads easily.

Sometimes when marketers try to “force” a number of keywords into the content, it reads awkwardly to humans.

Beginning Internet marketers and Ezine article writers often try to use way too many keywords in their content.

Some beginners try to put a keyword in every sentence.

Not only does this make the content awkward reading, it could get your site listed as a spam site.

If you write your content first and then go back and do some strategic keyword placement, your content will be much easier to read and be more recognizable to the search engines.

Remember that the main reason for strategic keyword placement is to make your content relevant and useful to the human reader that searched for that specific keyword.

Loading your content with keywords not relevant to the search may get someone to click to your site, but they won’t stay there long.

In addition to your primary keyword, make sure to sprinkle other relevant keywords throughout your content.

If your content sounds awkward when you read it out loud to yourself, you probably have used too many keywords in the wrong places.

Strategic keyword placement means just that.

Position your keywords so the search engines recognize them.

This means to place them in…

  • The headline
  • The headings and sub-headings in your content
  • The first and last paragraphs of your content
  • At least once per page (primary keyword)
  • Images and videos used in your content

Strategic keyword placement doesn’t mean that each page of content should be optimized with a bunch of keywords.

Your content will be more relevant to the person doing the search when you optimize each page with only one primary keyword.

Sometimes you can use a secondary keyword that enhances your content description, but never try to use too many keywords.

All this does is dilute the search results for the person doing the search.

Strategic keyword placement is extremely effective in getting your site ranked high in the SERPs if you just keep it simple.

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