Some Spider Food To Consider When Creating Your Blog Post

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 11, 2009
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“Spider Food”, is something you need to consider when creating posts for your blog, to make your pages more appealing to the spiders.

We all know that the search engines love blogs.   However, some blogs are not particularly appetizing to search engine spiders, because of the terminology used in some of their common postings.

Specifically, the phrase READ THE WHOLE THING, is frequently used in political and news blogs.

Although you and I understand the meaning of READ THE WHOLE THING, when we see the link in the context of the post. Search engine spiders, not being human, can’t decipher the phrase, and consequently don’t put as much weight on it as they should.

Remember that the spiders initially determine the rank of your blog, not just your human readers.

If you want your blogs to rank higher in the search engine positioning; feed the search engine spiders some “spider food”.

One spider food consideration, is the use of descriptive titles in your blogs.

Headlines and article titles are given a great deal of weight by the search engine spiders.

Spend some time thinking up an original title for your blog posts; and be sure to use targeted keywords, or keyword phrases, to further increase the title appeal to the spiders.

A unique, highly targeted, front loaded keyword title, is great “spider food”.

When you feed a search engine spider something it’s never seen before, it will gobble it up in a heartbeat.  Don’t be afraid to be really creative and to think out of the box!

Give the search engine some additional “spider food“, by emphasizing the subject of the title, in the content of your article.

Be sure to repeat the important keywords or key phrases several times in the content of your article, so the spiders can realize their importance.  You can even put them in BOLD PRINT to emphasize their importance to the spiders.

A 2% keyword density is what you should aim for in your blog posts.

Too much “spider food” in the form of keywords, is sometimes over doing it.   Make sure the keywords make sense in your article; don’t be redundant and emphasize them in a nonsensical way.  Remember, humans are also reading your blog.

Always remember, that the purpose of “spider food”, is to tell the search engine spider what your blog is about, so it can properly list your post, based on the keywords you feed it.

Use one of the many online keyword tools, to help you research which keywords are most searched for.

Don’t become obsessed with creating “spider food” just for the spiders.

You should be writing your blog posts to convey your message to your readers.  They are the prime target and should be the main focus of your posts.

Some “spider food” will definately feed the search engine spiders and improve your rankings, but it should be secondary to the message you are conveying to your readers.


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