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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 9, 2009
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Although MySpace is meant to be a non commercial entity, advertising on  MySpace can be quite lucrative when done properly.

myspace_logo2According to the MySpace mission statement, individuals pages that are created and maintained by members cannot advertise.  This does not apply to the MySpace website as a whole.

Although the community is meant to be non commercial; the site most definitely is not.

MySpace prohibits advertising on individual websites in their terms of service; however, there is plenty of room to market your products or services without violating their terms.

Many advertising opportunities are open to the general public, through the MySpace banner advertisements that are run on many of their pages.

Central, and sidebar advertisements, are also available for public advertising.

In fact, advertising on MySpace with banner or sidebar ads, can be done by simply contacting MySpace, for additional advertising information.

Many business owners, find that this type of advertising is extremely effective with their products or services, especially if their products or services are found appealing to the MySpace community.

You may occasionally find cases, where websites blatantly abuse the MySpace terms of service, by overtly advertising their products or services.

It is NOT a good idea to do this.

When MySpace discovers the abuse, they will likely ban you from the MySpace community.

However, it is possible to covertly advertise your website, without getting penalized by the MySpace administrators.

If you engage in discussions with MySpace members, and just happen to answer a someone’s question, that applies to your product or service; you could discreetly include your website URL with your answer, and get a free back link to your business website.

As long as your link provides a relevant answer to the question that is asked, you should not be penalized by MySpace.  You are indirectly letting visitors to your website to learn more about you and your business.

If you browse the discussions, you will find that this occurs somewhat frequently.

It’s up to MySpace to determine whether or not these type answers are considered advertising, but it’s definitely worth inserting your link to get a possible purchase.

Advertising on MySpace can help your bottom line, regardless of which method you decide to use.

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I’ve done a bit of advertising on My Space with some success.

Nice post, good info.

Written By Lena B. on November 15th, 2009 @ 11:10 pm

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