Some Mistakes You Should Avoid Making On Twitter

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 9, 2010
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twitterThere really is no RIGHT WAY or WRONG WAY to use Twitter;  but there ARE some mistakes you should avoid making on Twitter at all costs.

Twitter can be used as a sales platform by some savvy marketers, as a social platform, a teaching tool, or as a combination of any or all of these platforms.

One of the most important things to avoid on Twitter, is using it strictly as a sales platform.

Many newcomers to Twitter marketing spend a great deal of time on self promotional tweets.  This is the best way to burn your bridges with potential customers, before they are ever properly constructed.

Dedicate yourself to setting up your network before you even think of selling or promoting your products.

After you sign up with Twitter, devote a good bit of your time to reaching out and creating a strong network of followers who share your interests.  Become a social butterfly and build a strong following.  Reply to tweets, make

plenty of friends or contacts, and be sure to additional time to follow your followers.

The idea is to get acquainted with people who could have an interest in your market niche, and let people know who you are, before you even think of promoting your products.

Too many people begin with a barrage of self promotionals, and then wonder why they are ignored or blocked by other users.  No sane consumer will respond to a barrage of advertisements.  Just think about how you feel around election time being constantly barraged by hundreds of political advertisements, day in and day out.

Set up a strong network of potential consumers and then try to sell them.

Another of the mistakes you should avoid making on Twitter, is spending your time tweeting about mundane activities.

If you feel you must divulge a little information about yourself and your daily life, that’s perfectly alright.  However, constantly tweeting about utter nonsense like washing your dishes, brushing your teeth, watering your lawn, feeding your dog, or doing laundry is just wasting your time.   Nobody really gives a flip.

What you should be doing is actively participating and becoming engaged with others who share your interests.  Look for ways that you can be helpful and of use to others, and they will in turn respond.

Ask questions, offer useful information when it’s asked for, and get involved with people in your network.

Never forget that Twitter is primarily a networking tool and not just a sales platform.  The main tactic to employ with Twitter is to become engaged with as many other people as possible.

Refrain from using automatic tweets to your groups.

Some Twitter Feeds, according to several recently taken Twitter polls, show that a majority of Twitter users frown on people who use them and simply ignore them.

Sending automatic direct messages to people who begin following you is also not a recommended practice. Twitter users do not seem to appreciate automated messages.

The biggest No No you can make on Twitter, is to send direct messages with a link to your website, to new followers and then try to sell them something.

The majority of people who use Twitter want to get to know you before they start purchasing from you.

If you pay attention to the mistakes you should avoid making on Twitter, you’ll find that your potential customers will be more receptive to what you have to offer them and that you conversions will improve.

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