Some Benefits To Using RSS Feeds

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 26, 2010
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rssThere are many benefits to using RSS feeds, particularly for websites that add or modify their contents on a regular basis.

RSS feeds allow people the ability to track numerous blogs, or news sources at once.

Producing an RSS feed is relatively simple.  All that is needed is a validated RSS text file and the content of the article you want publicized.

When the text file is registered at various news readers, any website can capture and automatically display your RSS feed, whenever you update your RSS file.

As you can imagine, using RSS feeds for sites that regularly add or modify their contents can be extremely useful.

RSS feeds are used for “web syndication” by the major news organizations such as CNN, BBC, Reuters, etc., for personal and business blogs, for marketing activities, and bug reports.

Using RSS feeds and tools can provide tremendous benefits to your business, particularly in the field of internet marketing.

Bloggers using RSS feeds are provided with virtually free advertising and online business marketing opportunities.

Here are a few features of using RSS feeds that can make your Internet marketing strategies much more effective.

  • Using RSS feeds can Increase targeted traffic to your website.

When readers of your RSS summary find your content interesting, they will click on the one or two line summary and automatically provide you with a link back to your site.  The fact that they are interested, is a positive indicator of the targeted traffic you are trying to achieve.

  • Using RSS feeds provides easy content distribution.

Your business can be displayed on virtually any external website.  This allows greater content distribution and a wider advertising net.

  • Using RSS feeds is the easiest method to provide regular content updates.

With RSS, as you update the content of your web site, Internet users automatically and  simultaneously experience on a real time basis, the exact change, provided they are subscribed to your RSS feed.

  • RSS allows custom content services.

With RSS, your visitors can personalize the content services.  This allows them total control of the flow and type of information that they want to receive.  Visitors can subscribe to whatever content they have an interest in when using RSS feeds.

These are only some benefits to using RSS feeds; the possibilities aimed at providing you with an effective internet marketing strategy for your business, are really endless.

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It was very interesting to read
I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
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Feel free to do so.

Written By Internet Marketing John on August 13th, 2010 @ 8:51 am

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