EBay Business Information: How To Use eBay To Generate Targeted Leads

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 24, 2010
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ebaylogo3A killer tactic that is often overlooked by online marketers, is to use eBay to generate targeted leads for your business.

Because eBay currently has over 86 million registered users with a total sales figure last year of  $59.7 billion; it’s not very difficult to understand why it can be used to generate targeted leads for your business.

Your business profits would be off the charts if you could attract only a fraction of eBay’s sales traffic!

Many people have realized that selling physical products online is the fastest and easiest way to generate immediate cash flow.

A large portion of these users have also discovered that eBay can be the vehicle to building personal wealth by creating mini websites targeted to specific market niches and then using eBay to generate targeted leads to these sites.

  • First thing you need to do is go to the eBay Marketplace and find out what eBay users want, by using the eBay Marketplace Researcher tool, to research current HOT TOPICS.
  • When you isolate a hot market that you feel you can provide what the people are looking for; create a small mini website and give them what they need.
  • To maximize your potential earnings; your website should contain information article content, information products or services, recommendation links to affiliate programs and AdSense advertisements.
  • Successful eBay marketers create several mini websites to piggy back their earnings.  The more sites you create online, the more earnings you will amass over time.
  • To use eBay to generate targeted leads to your websites, you first need to create an information product that will generate interest in your website.This can be easily done using PLR articles for your info product with links to your website for additional information, special deals, your squeeze page, opt in form, or your affiliate products.

Make sure that the information product you create is an incredible, unbeatable deal for the consumer.   Always remember to over deliver.  After all, the main reason you’re creating the information product in the first place, is simply to get people to visit your website.

  • When you have completed your information product, put it up for sale on eBay for the minimum $.99 bid.

Again, remember that you’re only using eBay to generate targeted leads to your mini website, not to actually make any money from the sale.

Your income will be generated by the leads you get to your websites.

When you consider that the total cost for listing your information product is only about $.25, and that you are essentially getting FREE eBay advertising for your website; using eBay to generate targeted leads is beyond a doubt the best advertising deal you will ever get on the Internet.

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