Selling Digital Products To Capitalize On Impulsive Buyers

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 28, 2009
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Selling digital products on the Internet, is a great way to capitalize on impulsive buyers that often don’t even need what you’re selling.

They simply feel the urge to buy, and immediately act on it.

Impulsive buyers, when they finally make their decision to buy a product or service, naturally do not like to wait for their items to be delivered.

They want their product when the impulse to buy hits them, and not one week, one day, or even one minute later!

This is why selling digital products on the Internet, can make you a great deal of money.

When the impulse buyer decides to purchase, they click through to the payment page, and as soon as their credit card clears, they can instantly download their digital product.

Selling digital products allows you to immediately capitalize on your visitor’s buying impulse.

Usually, when we think about selling digital products; the first thing that comes to mind is download able ebooks.

However, there are many other digital information products that fall into this category, that are instantly available for download to impulsive buyers.

Video training courses, newsletters, music, software, movies, audio files, and magazines are other types of products that can be made available to capitalize on impulse buyers.

A billboard, television, newspaper, or magazine advertisement may grab your attention, and prompt you to buy a product; but you then you must make the time and effort, to physically go the place of business and purchase your item.

Time also plays a major role in your desire to purchase an item.  If you decide to buy a product you see on the tube at 2:00 am, the odds are that the store is already closed.  This cools down your impulse to buy considerably, when you realize that you have to wait until the next morning to purchase your item.

All good Internet marketers know that impulses fade quickly, and to become successful, you must capitalize on impulsive buyers when the urge to buy hits them.

That is why selling digital products on the Internet has become so lucrative.

That’s also why you see tons of candy, gum, magazines, etc. directly in front of you at every major checkout counter in the country.  They know that when the impulse to buy hits you, the product must be immediately available for purchase.  You don’t have to leave the checkout line to buy a pack of gum, or Altoids; they are right in front of you.

The exact same concept applies to selling digital products on the Internet.

The Internet enables people to wallow in instant gratification if they so desire, and selling digital products allows you to capitalize on their impulses, and instantly satisfy their cravings.

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