Search Engine Optimization For Donation Websites

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 14, 2013
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Search Engine Optimization for Donation Websites can often be easier to accomplish than on conventional sites.

What the donation is being used for makes all the difference. Donate SEO mouse

For example, if you are a clinic that provides free dental work to veterans and are looking to optimize your donation website, you could literally be sitting on a goldmine of potential SEO links.

First focus in on keywords like “charities”, “dental charities”, “charities in Atlanta”, “veterans charities” and variations of these for your site.

Then concentrate on getting quality back links to your donation website.

Any organization that could possibly be a beneficiary of free veterans dental work is a potential link to your donation website.

Some of these include obvious veteran groups like the American Legion, Amvets, VFW and others.

Contact the webmasters of these sites and ask them to link to your donation website.  Most of them  should jump at your request.

In addition, a Google search for .mil, .org and .gov domains pertaining to veterans benefits should also provide you with tons of quality back links.

Contact dentists who have veterans as patients to see if thy will links to your site.

Almost all dentists who have veterans as patients would like some additional help and should have no qualms about linking up to your donation website.

In this specific example, any group associated with veterans or dentists is a prime target for Search Engine Optimization.

Social media is a great way to help get the word out about your cause.

Concentrate on getting “do follow” social bookmarking links to your donation website.

Twittering goes a long way to spread information, as does Facebook.

You can get a lot of targeted traffic by just setting up a nice Facebook page using iFrames and directing it to your donation form or PayPal donation button.

Create a good looking logo with optimized anchor text, attributes, etc. and ask for links from acquaintances of members of your clinic’s dental board.

Board members are probably affiliated with the ADA, fellow dentists at other clinics, or with other alumni.

All of these are good potential sources for back links to your donation site that will attract donors to your cause.

You can always write and distribute a press release if you run out of SEO ideas and if you still need donors, look to “charity” directories like

Avoid wasting time and money chasing keywords that are hard to rank for.

Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to search for keywords and group ideas, and to get search volume and traffic estimates for your list of keywords.

You need to sign up for an AdWords account before you can access the free Keyword Planner tool.   Do it at

Then using Google, view the pages that currently rank for each term to get more clues for additional Search Engine Optimization.

Using the example above should provide you with some ideas on how to optimize other causes for donation websites.

Search Engine Optimization for donation websites is often easier to accomplish than for conventional sites if you keep your “thinking cap” on.

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