Donation Websites – Why Do You Need A Donation Website?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 20, 2013
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Why do you need a donation website anyway?

If you’re not a bona fide charity, why bother setting up a donation website?

College Fund DonationsWell there are a ton of reasons why people and smaller organizations set up donation websites.

Here are just a few reasons why people need donation websites to raise money:

  • Paying for their sick children’s uninsured medical treatments
  • Paying for long term illnesses
  • Raising money for dentures or implants
  • Replacing stolen property
  • Purchasing medical equipment
  • Covering expensive uninsured medical procedures
  • Covering excessive veterinary costs
  • To cover unexpected medical procedures for your pet
  • Raising money to pay for memorial or funeral services
  • Raising money for friends who lost their spouse
  • To aid people who suffered natural disasters
  • To aid homeowners without flood insurance rebuild after flooding or hurricanes
  • To aid friends who suffered an accident
  • Raising money for sports competitions
  • To attend universities of higher learning
  • To raise money for overseas study
  • For children’s education funds
  • To raise money for your honeymoon or wedding
  • To raise money for your church
  • To raise money for school team undertakings
  • For personal fundraising
  • To start your own small business
  • To raise money for clubs
  • Raising money for animal habitats
  • Raising money to buy personal appliances, cars, boats, etc.
  • Raising money to buy a vehicle for friends or relatives
  • Raising money for hardship cases
  • For birthdays, party and other occasions
  • To help crime victim survivors
  • Raising money for travel expenses
  • Raising money for creative arts endeavors
  • For competitions and pageants
  • For local community functions

And the list goes on.

Although some of the above reasons sound frivolous, like raising money for a honeymoon or a marriage, consider this.

Getting “hitched” is considered to be one of the most fun and exciting times in someone’s life, but when the bills come in from the photographer, Disk Jockey, caterer, rental of facilities, etc. the joyous moment can quickly erode into a nightmare.

Clearly, this is one situation where you need a donation website set up to augment the costs.

In this particular example, couples can set up a donation website to ask their guests and visitors to contribute online instead of bringing gifts.

These contributions are much more useful to a newly wed couple as a down payment for a new home, or to offset the costs of an expensive wedding or honeymoon than gifts that just sit on a shelf and collect dust.

Donations websites are perfectly legal as long as no effort is made to mimic well known charity names and/or websites that can fool potential donors into believing they are donating to other, more popular causes.

Just remember that the donations accepted on your donation website will probably be treated by the IRS as a gift and as earned income, and will probably be taxed.

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