Planting Linkbait – Using Social Media Rating Sites

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 4, 2009
Posted Under: Viral Marketing Strategies

One of the best ways to generate website traffic and capture backlinks to your website, is to “plant” linkbait content using social media rating sites.

“Planting”, is the term used, to define the submitting of your content, to social media community forums, and directories.

backlinks1The purpose of planting linkbait, using social media rating sites like StumbleUpon, is to create a “buzz”  around your content, and encourage other people to share your content among others.

Social news websites are another main target, for planting linkbait.

Unlike StumbleUpon, where interest and traffic is generated by users who favorably rate your websites with a “thumbs up”, or a “thumbs down”, when they dislike it; social news websites operate slightly different.

The users submit content that is voted on by others, and if the community shows an interest, your content is pushed to the front page for maximum visibility.

This give users the opportunity to click on your content, and be directed to your website.

Planting linkbait, using social media rating sites, can virally spread your content throughout the Internet, and generate thousands of visitors to your website.,,, and are some the most popular social media rating sites, however there are many more on the web that can also help your content achieve viral status.

Twitter and Facebook also social media sites that you can use for planting linkbait, and quickly spreading your message throughout the Internet.

People must feel that your website, is worth attaching their reputations to, before they link to it.

When planting linkbait using social media rating sites; it’s important that whatever linkbait you use is perceived as high quality, and worthwhile.

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