Online Video Ratings – Why Bother Rating Them?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 2, 2009
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Many online video websites, such as Google Video, and YouTube, allow online video ratings that are posted by their viewers.

One of the main questions we often hear about online video ratings is; Why bother rating them?

Well, here a few reasons for online video ratings you might consider the next time you come across a video you really like, or conversely, really dislike!

Most video websites hold a wide variety of videos posted to their sites, that come from a mixed neighborhood of video producers.

Video topics can be on just about anything under the sun.

Some common topics include homemade videos, television clips from various shows, celebrity bloops and interviews, web cam personal clips, music videos, instructional videos, information videos, and of course everything you’d ever want to know about sex in any form.

The people who vie for the online video ratings, come from every part of our society.

The professional, and semi professional producers who make music videos, always look for an online video rating that could enhance their reputation in the industry.

Online video ratings are important to these professionals.

The average person who is experimenting with making videos, is also interested in online video ratings, just to know what people think about their efforts.

A positive online video rating, will let the owner know that you liked their work.

If enough positive responses are received, there is an excellent chance they will continue making videos to provide you with more entertaining videos in the future.  Praise is a great motivator!

Online video ratings can also serve as a guidepost, or a marker, for home made amateur movie producers, so they can gauge their progress over a period of time.

Online video ratings are most important to video marketers trying to promote their businesses or services online.

Google Video, YouTube, and other video sites rank their videos, often just on the basis of online video ratings.

A high ranking is always important in any type of marketing in order to become successful.

So, as to the question of online video ratings; why bother rating them?

If you just take the time to rate your favorite video, you will be helping to make that video more or less popular with the general viewing public.

Online video ratings are also displayed on the main page of most video websites, where your opinion can be noted by everyone.

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