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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 4, 2013
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keyword research toolThere is a plethora of free home based internet marketing information available online that focuses on keyword research which is essential if you intend on improving your Search Engine Optimization or paid search advertising.

People on the Internet search for specific content, products or services using a variety of methods; all of which utilize keywords and keyword phrases in some manner.

Since creating an extensive list of keywords can be quite a task, we need all the help we can get to make the job easier.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good keyword research tools available on the web that make life easier for Internet marketers and many of them don’t cost you a dime unless in certain cases you decide to upgrade to a “premium” product.

The following list of research tools is a small sample of what is available online at no cost:

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is by far the most popular tool in this list and is placed first for this reason. It allows users to enter a keyword from their market niche and look for exact terms or phrases that contain them, when using advanced filters and options.

Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions Tool allows users to enter a keyword or keyword phrase to generate additional relevant keywords.

The majority of Wordtracker tools are free to use.  They create an extensive list of keywords so users can fine tune their keywords and get additional data about the popularity and relevance of certain topics within their market niche.

Trellian’s Keyword Discovery Tool allows users to enter a seed keyword in the Discovery tool.  It then generates a list of the top 100 keywords applicable to the chosen keyword.

Open Site Explorer is a service from SEOmoz that is perfect for researching keywords that your competitor’s are using. Simply enter the URL to start searching.

Bing Ads Intelligence is a powerful PPC keyword research tool that allows users to build and expand on their keyword lists using the Excel interface. Users can discover new keyword ideas by entering either their website URL or a list of keywords. A Bing Ads account is required before you can use Bing Ads Intelligence.

SEOquake is a popular, handy analytic seo-tool for Firefox, Chrome and Opera web browsers that helps users find keyword data based on keyword density “on the fly”.  SEOquake also obtains information on a wide range of parameters such as page rank, Google index, Alexa, etc. from any website as you surf the Internet.

KGen which is short for Keyword Generator is another nice Firefox add on that scans the Web page the user is on to find the keywords used. KGen is great for determining keyword density research of your competitors.

Alexa allows users to see search engine queries from their competitors as well as the percentage of traffic that those search terms actually bring to their sites.

SEMRush allows users to get data on the top 10 keywords that your competitors are getting traffic from on both paid and organic searches.  Just enter the URL of the competitor’s site to start your search.

The SEO Book Keyword List Generator takes a little time to get used to but when you enter keywords, keyword phrases or modifiers separated by commas in each box, it generates a list of keywords results based on combining your words.  Select your desired keyword match type and hit the Generate button.  A keyword “cleanup” tool is also available.

The SEO Book Keyword Research Tool powered by Wordtracker, generates a list of related search terms for a user’s query and also provides links to keyword suggestion tools from the major search engines however, you must register for a free account in order to use the tools.

The Moz Tools and Resources site provides users with tools to help you optimize your local business listings, track your social media performance, conduct link research, access SEO metrics for any page, and more. Their Term Extractor allows users to enter a competitor’s URL to receive search phrases that the site is targeting.

KeywordSpy searches out the keywords that your competitors are using in their advertising campaigns. This includes AdWords, the Bing Adcenter and Yahoo Search Marketing. Just enter your competitor’s URL.

WordStream’s Keyword Tool provides users with free keyword suggestions for the target search terms entered into the Keyword Tool however, you will need to provide your email address to receive the full list of suggested terms.

WooRank is a nifty website review tool that provides a complete dissection of your website.  It shows the top keywords, the site ranking, competitor’s sites, and an in depth analysis with recommendations for improvements of the site URL that is queried.

Soovle is the fastest keyword suggestion tool we have encountered to date. It provides an almost immediate simultaneous response from, Google, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia and YouTube. You have got to try this one.

Google Trends is another powerful tool that allows users compare multiple search terms by volume when they are separated by commas.

UberSuggest is another free keyword suggestion tool that uses Google Suggest and other suggest services.  It takes your base keyword and adds a letter or number next to it for probable search combinations.

RANKS.NL is a Keyword Combinations tool designed to help you expand and manage your keyword lists for use in PPC campaigns. This online tool has a phenomenal number of variations and different combinations you can use for keywords and keyword phrases.

All the above keyword research tools are free for the asking and can provide Internet marketers a great deal of assistance creating an extensive list of keywords.

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