Choosing Keywords Wisely

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 16, 2013
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choosing keywords wiselyChoosing keywords wisely is extremely important if you are to be a successful internet marketer.

All too frequently, new webmasters engaging in Search Engine Optimization choose keywords that result in a lot of web surfers but not many buyers.

Choosing keywords wisely means to choose search terms that buyers would use to locate specific goods or services on your website, not just locating your site.

Broad search terms will locate your site and describe what your website does, but not to the level of detail that targeted search terms do.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great having a lot of web traffic to your site but it’s much better having a lot of paying customers.

Obviously, the best scenario is to have your cake and to eat it too.  Having both search engine traffic and a good ROI is having the best of both worlds.

Are the keywords you are using attracting buyers or are they just attracting a lot of  “window watchers”?

Choosing keywords wisely in this instance means choosing keyword phrases that result in traffic to your site as well as traffic related to content in various pages of your site; specifically your landing page.

Your search terms must satisfy your visitors needs, therefore they must be included in the content of your landing page as well as in other pages of your site.

These targeted keywords will help the search engines understand that your site can be about several different things.  Some might be related to the search term and some may not.

Once the search engines have crawled your website, they may display your site in the search results for that targeted phrase.

Then users that do a search with that specifically targeted phrase are likely to find exactly what they are looking for and are more apt to sign up with your website to purchase your product or service.

By providing buyers targeted keyword phrases in your content that gets them to your site, you are offering them exactly what they are looking for so they no longer need to sift through extraneous search results to find what they want.

In other words, the targeted keyword phrase brought them to exactly what they wanted.

A good balance of search terms will direct a lot of traffic to your site as well as to more specific content of other pages on your site, i.e. your landing page.

Of course once you have visitor traffic, you need to ensure that your landing page will hold your visitors and convert them into paying customers or have them perform the action you desire.

If one search term can get only one visitor a week to your landing page where they spend a thousand dollars, you have chosen keywords wisely.  You should retain that keyword.

However, if you choose a broad search term or phrase that drives tons of visitors to your site and nobody purchases anything,  it would behove you to eliminate that search term or keyword phrase from your list.

Not all search terms have the same click through rates and since no one really knows how many queries are performed for any given keyword; no one can really know how much buying web traffic is generated by any given keyword.

Predicting actual traffic generation is an unknown however, by choosing keywords wisely you can dramatically increase the amount of buyers and limit the amount of web surfers on your site.

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