Maximize Your Adsense Earnings

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 24, 2009
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Even though Adsense is capable of generating a substantial amount of additional advertising income; you must learn how to maximize your Adsense earnings, in order to take full advantage of it’s potential.

In order to maximize your Adsense earnings, it makes perfectly logical sense to search for, and chase after, the highest paying keywords.

Unfortunately, even when high paying keywords are placed into your web pages, you may find that the big money isn’t rolling in as expected.

So. What are you doing wrong?

Well perhaps your problem is that you’re not driving visitors to the pages where your high paying keywords are being used.

In order to maximize your Adsense earnings, and get visitors to your high paying keyword pages, you should first consider optimizing your website’s navigation.

Think about how your visitors use your website.

When they land on a page, they will usually click on another page in your website that sounds interesting.

How they get to that second page, is based on the links that appear in the initial landing page of your site.

You can maximize your Adsense earnings, by making it as easy as humanly possible, for your visitors to get from page to page on your website.

Typically, websites have menu links on each page of the site.

You can attract your visitor’s attention, and get them to click on these links, by wording them properly.

Free, and Download, are both attention grabbing words that when used in a link, will usually entice your visitor to click on it.

You can maximize your Adsense earnings by using this “navigation logic” to drive traffic to your highest paying web pages.

If you use a cleverly labeled link to get your visitors off of lower paying pages, and move them to the higher earning pages, your once “cheap” clicks, can be converted into real money.

This same logic can be applied to graphics and text styles to navigate your visitors to higher paying web pages.

The best combination can only be determined by testing what works, and then modifying your site’s navigation to facilitate the best method.

You can easily maximize your Adsense earnings using these techniques and others, here.

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