Marketing Tips For Surviving The Current Recession

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 30, 2011
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Surviving the current recession is something that Internet marketers think about on a daily basis.

Unless you have your head buried in the sand, there is no way you can possibly believe that the recession is over.

Our economic situation is not getting any better but compared to many of the world governments, we are for the moment holding our own.

If you are paying attention to world news, one thing is painfully obvious.

Surviving The Current Recession

The global economy is slowly going down the tubes and our economy is still on a downward slope.

Overall, economic numbers and activity are on a downward trend.

Anyone who believes our economy is improving is either a propagandist or in complete denial of the facts.

  • The real unemployment figures are manipulated, they are actually in the teens.
  • Our government “leaders” continue to spend money we do not have.
  • They continue to use baseline budgeting gimmicks to trick the uninformed populace into believing we are slashing spending when in fact, they at best barely slowing down the rate of spending.
  • Our national debt during the past three years has grown by trillions and it looks like it will continue to do so.
  • The Fed continues to print money bringing the value of our dollar down.
  • The credit rating agencies are on the verge of downgrading our credit again.
  • And, we could go on.

With reduced earnings, underwater home values, less consumer spending, tighter credit and more job losses in the news every day, it’s hard to be optimistic.

We have been told that we are in a “recovery” of sorts.  The so called stimulus was at best only a short term band aid.

But, what does “recovery” really mean?  Positive job growth?  What else?

A real recovery means a steady long term growth of jobs, which in turn promotes an increase in the exchange of products and services.

We all need to be optimistic and realistic to survive the current recession , especially offline and Internet marketers.

There are several ways that marketing can help your business during this recession.

Implementing proper marketing strategies can help minimize the pain.

Here are some tips that can help.

  • Cut marketing costs as much as possible during this period.
  • Instead of using magazine and newspaper advertising, go strictly digital.
  • The post office is in trouble and and costs are rising,  so drop the post office mass mailings and change over to email marketing.
  • Focus your Internet marketing efforts on low cost advertising such as web based networking and branding.
  • Join the social media crowd and use tools like Twitter and Facebook. It’s not necessary to slash your entire marketing budget, just modernize it..
  • Spend more of your time and energy towards social media marketing strategies.
  • During a long term downturn like we are now experiencing, it’s critical that your return on investment and conversion rates improve.
  • Make the search engines and your customers find you faster by updating the content on your web site.
  • Implementing some simple Search Engine Optimization like changing your site text, HTML page titles, keywords, phrases, categories, etc. is all you need to do to improve your site ranking.
  • Start crunching your time. Time is money in business, so don’t waste it.  Wasting time can cost you your business, so use it wisely to make it work for you.

Remember that marketing isn’t a one time event, it’s an ongoing process that never stops.

The best Internet marketers in the country will survive the current recession because they never stop their marketing activities.

If you are optimistic,  refuse to “take part” in the current recession and implement the above marketing tips, surviving the current recession can be done without much pain.

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