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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 6, 2009
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There are many ways to make money using Craigslist.

It is free to use for buying and selling your services and products.

The Craigslist website reaches over 500 communities, is extremely easy to use, and is a profitable way to sell almost anything online.

Posting advertisements in the local newspaper, and online auctions sites both cost you money to use.

You can make money using Craigslist by taking advantage of their free listings, and selling your items without spending money on listings, re-listing fees, and commissions.

Anyone with an email address can post an ad on Craigslist.  Joining the site is fast and easy, and posting an advertisement is just as easy.

The best way to make money using Craigslist; is to upload a picture of what you’re selling, and write a good descriptive advertisement.  Be brief, be specific, be accurate, and you should have good results.

You can post almost anything under the sun, on Craigslist.

Cars, boats, real estate, personal services, and just about any legal item, can be posted on their site.

Recently, Craigslist has also been a great place for job seekers. Although businesses in certain cities are charged for ad placements, in the rest of the country there is still no charge to place your help wanted ad.

Selling your unwanted or refurbished items is a great way to make money using Craigslist.

The Ebay auction site used to have a corner on this market, however, more and more people are selling their items using Craigslist.

You can choose who you want to deal with on Craigslist; and if you choose, you can protect your privacy by hiding your actual email address, and going through a forwarded Craigslist email address when dealing with anyone using  their site.

It’s important to protect your privacy when selling online, especially if safety is a primary consideration.

When you make money using Craigslist, you have the ability to filter out, and meet anyone, anywhere, or nowhere.  Selling your items through Craigslist is actually more private than holding a yard sale.

Safe and Staying almost anonymous and safe, is a big advantage of making money using Craigslist over a conventional classified ad or a backyard sale.  Try it out!

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