Long Tail Keywords: Why Long Tail Keywords Pull In More Traffic

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 23, 2010
Posted Under: Search Engine Optimization

The reason why long tail keywords pull in more traffic is not really up for debate,  because they don’t necessarily pull in more traffic.

They DO however,  pull in much more useful TARGETED traffic.

longdeviltailbettyboopWhen people search for things online, they expect to get a good answer from their search query to find what they are looking for.

At one time, when the Internet was still in it’s infancy, people could get away with putting a few keywords into a search engine, to find a website that had precisely the information they were looking for.

Today, there are billions of websites online that cater to almost any type subject and sell just about any product or service imaginable.

To say the least; things have changed!

These days it’s much more difficult finding exactly what you are looking for online, unless you are precise in your search terminology.

This is why long tail keywords pull in more traffic than a single keyword search query.

When people search for something online, they know they have to be specific with their search request.  Experience has taught people to more fully describe their search request, if they expect to receive an acceptable result.

They know they will get millions of results pages, if they place a broad keyword such as “fishing” into the search box.

People have learned that in order to get the result they need, they have to narrow down their search by placing a phrase, or “long tail keyword”, into the search engine to better describe their request.

A long tail keyword is a specific phrase you can use in your online marketing, that pops up in the search engines, for people who are using the exact same phrase to search for something on the Internet.

A long tail keyword is synonymous with a search phrase; and any search phrase can be considered a long tail keyword.

To effectively use long tailed keywords in your search engine optimization, you must first think about what specific search term people are most likely to use to find your product or service online.

You then need to come up with a series of words that they would probably use in their search.

You can use Google analytics, along with some common sense, to help you figure out what long tail keywords are likely to be used.

Then include the long tail keywords into your blog, press release, or any other articles you plan to use to market your product or service.

It’s important to make sure that the long tail keywords you are plan to use, are those which other people would probably use to perform a search to find your products or services on your site.

Long tail keywords get much better results for marketing than short keywords.

This is because the people who land on your site when using a long tail keyword search term, are more likely to be looking for exactly what you are selling, than those who randomly land on your site using shorter keywords.

Long tail keywords will generally provide you more highly targeted traffic that converts at a higher rate than regular keywords.

The next time your create a search engine optimized product for your website or blog; try using both regular keywords and long tail keywords to pull in more traffic.

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