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list-buildingUsing Ad Swaps for list building is a fairly simple and extremely profitable process that can bring in lump sums of cash to both parties in just a matter of a few days.

Ad Swaps for list building
is not at all a new concept.

Ad Swaps is simply the process where two list owners mutually agree to email each others offers to their own email lists in order to maximize each of their lists.

The process works best when both parties have a substantial email list built and are in the same or related market niche.

For instance; a mutually beneficial ad swap could not be accomplished if one party is in a health care niche and the other is catering to golfing enthusiasts.

Although the concept of using Ad Swaps for list building is quite simple, there are some problems associated with ad swaps.

Most of the problems with Ad Swaps occur when one partner makes an honest mistake or when a partner decides to just plain cheat to gain an edge over their competition.  There are a lot of scammers out there, so beware.

You can find hundreds of reliable ad swappers on the Internet by just doing a Google search.

Here are two good email Ad swap sites you might want to consider.

Warrior Forum

Safe Swaps

But to get the best partners, you need to consider their click rates, their list size, the market niche, and the results they obtained from prior ad swaps.

You can quickly identify the better qualified partners by checking to see who is commenting what on their public profiles.

Good comments from respectful ad swappers on a potential partner’s profile, could indicate the “guru” status of a an ad swap partner.

Because of the potential problems, email exchanges have come into vogue and have become a very profitable, enjoyable, and safe from most potential pitfalls way to engage in Ad Swaps.

Email exchanges perform most of the difficult time consuming work for you and will submit your ad text to the potential partner and get their ad texts for you to look at and approve.

They virtually eliminate the need for you to swap emails with potential ad swap partners and filter out the ones that don’t qualify or meet your standards.

Most email exchanges offer autoresponder text scheduling and complete integration with your Aweber, iContact, Getresponse, or InfusionSoft accounts.

The better email exchanges will also provide you with some sort of Ad Swap manager that automatically tracks clicks and signups from every emailing you make.

This eliminates your having to pay for any third party click or sales tracking software.

Using Ad swaps for list building can substantially increase the size of your list and make you a chunk of cash in a hurry, if you choose the right partner.

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Hi, Please check out as well, its for ad swaps but in groups of people. I think its a great concept and would like very much to get feedback! Thanks.

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