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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 31, 2009
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One major component of a successful website, is returning visitor traffic.

We all know that a returning visitor can be more easily converted into a paying customer.

We also recognize that the more frequently a returning visitor comes back to your site, the more credibility you gain with your visitor.

Since credibility is an extremely important factor in a successful website, it pays to keep your returning visitor traffic coming back to your site.

Here are a few methods you can use, to keep keep returning visitor traffic coming back to your website.

  • Update your website on a regular basis with fresh useful content.

The reason blogs are so successful, is that they are updated regularly with fresh content.  This keeps visitors to the blog interested in new content when it appears.  i.e. the reason for RSS.

Unfortunately, most webmasters are lazy, and lapse into a pattern of not updating their websites on a regular basis.

Even though regular updates are the most effective method of keeping your returning visitor traffic coming back to your site, it is the least carried out method.

Keep your returning visitor traffic; keep it fresh!  No one wants to return to a website that was last updated two years ago!  Sounds bad?  Not really. Just check out some of the sites in your next Google search.

  • Speaking of blogs, why not start one?

Starting an online journal, better known as a web log, or blog, on your site  will keep your returning visitor traffic coming back.

They serve the dual purpose of providing fresh content and building credibility.

Online journals initially began as over worded Twitter Tweets.

Now, large corporations, and countless businesses use blogs in concert with their websites, to attract, and keep, returning visitor traffic.  If you don’t already have one on your website, why not start your blog today?

  • Provide Some type of public interaction to your website.

You should consider adding some type of public interaction to your website, to keep returning visitor traffic coming back.

Polls and surveys, both provide a way for visitors to voice their opinions, and are an excellent method of getting visitors to keep returning to your site.

Most people like to get involved, and will return to see what other people think about the results of the topic of your poll, or survey.

Using this method, in addition to providing fresh content to your site, works like a charm!

Create an interactive forum or chat room on your website for return visitor traffic.

Like polls and surveys, forums and chat rooms also provide a place for visitors to voice their opinions, and interact with each other.

Visitors will religiously visit a forum on a daily basis when the content is relevant to your website.  Moderate the posts to ensure your visitors stay on topic.

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