Is The Product Or Mailing List More Important?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 19, 2009
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If you ask any savvy Internet marketer “Is the product or mailing list more important?”, they would answer without any hesitation; “The mailing list”.

mailinglist-1 Any business executive worth their salt, will tell you that a hungry public demand, is much more important than any product or service you can offer.

Good internet marketers will tell you that when searching for a market niche, your first mission is to search for a “need to fulfill”, and then you “satisfy the need” with a product or service.

In short; without a demand for a product, there is no product!

The size of your mailing list, directly or otherwise, comprises the actual demand for your business.

In other words, your mailing list represents shows just how much interest there is in your business.

Membership sites, are out of business without a mailing list.

Owners of membership sites, MUST HAVE mailing list owners in order to conduct their business, or they MUST START COMPILING their own mailing lists.

If you are a regular visitor to the Joint Venture forums; you will quickly discover that the product owners, need mailing list owners,in order to conduct their business.

The mailing list owners, in a joint venture scenario, already have the prospects that the other type partners are trying to sell to.

If you are a mailing list owner; you can sell advertising space, form a joint venture with service or product owners in return for a percentage of their sales, or start up your own membership site.

You don’t necessarily have to sell a product to make money.

If you wonder, is the product or mailing list more important to your business; consider that every successful web business on the Internet, establishes their list of subscribers first.

That should definitely tell you something! is a perfect example of how to accumulate subscribers without selling any product.

Friendster connects “friends”, and other potential “friends” worldwide through a free membership access portal.

When you first join the site, you provide them with your email address, and a password.

When you start searching for “friends”, you provide their email address, or a “friend” name.

The website makes no money from the members who join the site.

Instead, their business model provides income from selling advertising space, and from partnering up with other large volume businesses, and merchants.

Every business should take note of their business model.

You should always establish the need or the demand first, and make money with the product later.

Is the product or mailing list more important?

Remember that the money is always in the list!

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