How To Promote Your Affiliates Using Ezinearticles And A Simple Google Search Query

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 12, 2011
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Learning how to promote your affiliates using Ezinearticles and a simple Google Search query is easy, extremely effective and completely above board with Google.

If you have ever read any articles published on, you may have noticed this synopsis or something similar to it, at the very bottom of each article.

This article has been viewed 65,954 time(s).
Article Submitted On: May 06, 2009


Savvy affiliate marketers have learned how to use this article summary along with the search query below to discover which Ezine articles are the most popular for any keyword or keyword phrase,  the most read within any given year or for any other time period.

They then write a similar ezine article using the exact same keywords to promote their own affiliate products, web sites or squeeze pages.

Remember that this Google search query is not “black hat” or anything like that; it is a 100% legitimate way to search for articles in Google.

Here are the steps to follow using this search query. (space) ::

  • First,  use this basic query and insert the keyword you are looking for within the two double colons.

site:ezine (space) :(keyword):

This query entered into Google’s search engine will give you all articles in with that particular keyword.

  • Next, refine your search by adding from the ezine articles synopsis the following:

“this article has been viewed 65,954 time(s).”

Select it exactly as you copy it from the ezine articles article and add it to the search query after a space.

The search query should now look like this: (space) :(keyword): (space) “this article has been viewed 65,954 time(s).”

  • Next, change the number of times viewed into a search variable that the Google search engine uses.

Delete the number of times viewed number (65,954) and insert (5000..99999) which is a low and high end search query.

This opens up the search for a greater number of views for that keyword.

The search query now should read as you see it below. (space):(your keyword):(space)”this article has been viewed (5000..99999) time(s)”

  • Next, add the remainder of the article synopsis from the ezine exactly as you viewed it from below the Ezine article you selected; in this case Article Submitted On: May 06, 2009. (space):(your keyword):(space)”this article has been viewed (5000..99999) time(s)”(space)”Article Submitted On: May 06, 2009″

  • Next, change the Month in the date (May) to (*) and the day (06) to (*). Leave the year remain at whatever year you want your search reslults to reflect.  In this case 2009.

The revised search query should now reads as follows: (space):(your keyword):(space)”this article has been viewed (5000..99999) time(s)”(space)”Article submitted on: (*) (*), 2009″

Or More Specifically (without the parens) below: :article marketing: “this article has been viewed 5000..99999 time(s)” “Article submitted on: * *, 2009”

When you remove the keyword and simply leave the “” Google will give you the results for any keyword that was viewed over 5000 times in Ezine articles for the year 2009.

To promote your affiliates using Ezinearticles and the results from your Google search query; you will need to pinpoint exactly which keywords were used in the article or articles.

The keywords that are being used in the articles are what is funneling traffic to these articles.  This is why they are the most frequently read by readers.

Over 90 percent of the time, the main keyword will be found in the Title of the Article.

  • After you isolate your keywords, the next step is to copy the exact article and rewrite it.

You can do this yourself, have someone rewrite it for you or use “spinning” software that will do it for you.

The whole point of this scenario is to create an article that gets read by as many visitors as possible so you can more easily promote your affiliates.

To make sure you have the right keywords that are sending traffic to the article, you can use Google’s “keyword tool“.

Go back to the ezine article, get the website URL for the article and insert it into the “keyword tool”.

Google’s tool then goes to that url and extracts all the keywords from that article for you.

When you have isolated all the keywords you need, you need to find out where the article ranks in the search engines for each of the keywords.    This takes some time, but is absolutely necessary to achieve the best results.

Simply  insert each keyword into the Google search engine to see if it comes up on the first page of Google.

You can also use a tool at to finalize your keyword selection.

keywordenvy_logoPaste in the keywords and the URL from the ezine article you selected and put a check mark in all the search engines to see where each keyword ranks.

When you know where each of the keywords rank, you will need to find out if anyone is actually searching for these keywords.

To do this, go back to Google’s tool (AdWords Keyword Tool) and put the keywords back into the query box to get the monthly searches for each keyword.

Getting all this information will give you a pretty good idea where all the traffic for the original ezine article you selected was generated from.

When you fully develop these keywords, you can be assured that the rewritten article you create to promote your affiliate product with will generate the maximum amount of readers possible.

Learning how to promote your affiliates using Ezinearticles and a simple Google search is only as good as the affiliate products you are promoting, so make sure your affiliate product is worthy of the time and effort you exhausted to generate the necessary amount of visitor traffic.

Reader Comments

Thanks for the information. This looks like an excellent way to promote two of my affiliate products. I tested the search in Google and it works like a charm!

Will be looking for more of this type stuff in the future.


Written By Jack Naylor on May 13th, 2011 @ 6:27 pm

Great article but the codes were rejected or should I say they didnt work.

Has something changed or have I obviously missed something.


Written By Pete on October 24th, 2011 @ 7:26 am

Tried the codes and they worked like a charm.

Written By John on January 15th, 2012 @ 2:46 pm

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