How To Make Money Online: Make Money With AdSense Sharing Sites

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 10, 2010
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Many newcomers prefer to make money with AdSense sharing sites before starting their own full fledged home based internet business.

adsense2Joining AdSense revenue sharing communities and websites is a great way to earn some extra income,  especially if you’re just starting out.

And, when your efforts are spread across several different AdSense sharing sites, you can actually earn a pretty decent income.

Shared AdSense revenue can be from 50% to 100% for the content that you add to a specific AdSense sharing site.

The content can be in the form of a text article, a video, a picture, a blog post, or a forum thread that you initiate.

You can also generate income for your own website or blog, by giving your visitors the incentive to contribute.

Before you can start to make money with AdSense sharing sites, you need to first sign up for Google AdSense.  And since the majority of AdSense sharing sites will pay you with PayPal; you will also need to set up a PayPal account.

Here is a partial list of categorized AdSense sharing sites you can check out if you’re interested in earning some extra income.

General Forums – Community Sites

  • AdSensigg – AdSensigg
  • Dosh Dosh
  • Free Ads with Adsense Revenue Sharing
  • FunAdvice
  • Google Earth Hacks
  • HTTPPoint
  • Hub
  • NameSlot
  • Private Rights Forum
  • QooForum
  • Senserely Yours
  • SoundChilds
  • That’s Pretty Dumb
  • Trend Hunter
  • Work From Home Forums
  • You Say Too
  • Zizula Forums

Rating Sites

  • RateItAll
  • Music Nerds


  • Article Codex
  • Article Trader
  • Articles Revenue
  • DotNetSpider
  • Hot Web Tools
  • MeshPlex
  • Scratch Projects
  • Share Your Expertise

Advertising, Domain, SEO, and Webmaster Sites

  • Digital Point Forums
  • Domain Name Portal
  • Free Forum Hosting
  • International Domain Names
  • Internet Marketing Forum
  • Name Pros
  • Revenue Source
  • SEO Meeting
  • The Webmaster Forum
  • Total Web Talk Forum
  • Webdigity
  • Webmaster Talk
  • WebTalk Forums
  • Whooked Forum

News Communities

  • Value Investing News

Social Networking Sites

  • FriendTrain
  • Google Knol
  • Lensroll
  • Qassia
  • Squidoo
  • Tagfoot
  • Xomba

Sports Sites

  • Golf Nation – Golf, Golf, and more Golf
  • I Gotta Rant – Sports, Music, etc
  • The Sand Trap – More Golf

IT, Tech-related Sites

  • Kernel Trap – Kernel development
  • Scratch – Write Programming Tutorials
  • SpiceFuse Forums – General computer forum
  • Tech Support Humor – Tech support humor site
  • Technology Parent – Info for parents about technology

Video and Photo Sites

  • Flixya
  • Free Range Stock
  • Howcast – Video sharing
  • – video sharing
  • Rever – Video sharing
  • – Photo directory

Other AdSense Sharing Sites

  • – social networking
  • Downline Partners – online marketing
  • eFloor Plan – Home Improvement
  • – document creation
  • – classified ads
  • – classified ads
  • – IT Q&A
  • opinion
  • Rummage4Money
  • ScratchProjects – code
  • Simpy – bookmarking
  • – tips

If you’re new to the Internet and are trying to decide how to make some additional income without making a major commitment;   you can make money with AdSense sharing sites with little to no cash outlay and learn  as you earn.

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