How to Make Money Online: Make Money Online Using CraigsList

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 16, 2011
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Learning how to make money online using CraigsList is simple and one of the easiest moneymaking strategies available to Internet newcomers who want to work from home.

CraigsList is a classified site and the brainchild of Craig Alexander Newmark who started the site back in 1995.

Since then CraigsList has become one of the most popular sites on the Internet and currently receives over twenty billion page views per month.

Because millions of people visit the website every month, it’s simple to make money online using CraigsList without spending any money, if you know how.

If you ever made any money selling your unwanted items on eBay, you will have a ball using CraigsList to earn some spare change.

craigslist_logoThe first thing to do if you are not already a member, is to sign up for a CraigsLIst account.  It’s free and only takes a few seconds to register.

Next go to the “For Sale” category and look for the “free stuff” section.

This area is where people give away things that they no longer want.  All you have to do is pick up the items.

Do a local search for free items in your area that are in good condition and can be resold. Most of the time people don’t list junk but it pays to double check.

When you locate the item or items you are interested in, just go pick them up.  Most of the time people will just put items on the curb or in their drive way but if not, contact them for a pickup time and location.

When you pick up the items they may or may not need to be reconditioned.

If you need to spend some time cleaning up the item, do it.

You may need to re-glue or repaint a chair, clean up and re-oil an old fishing reel or polish up a candle stick holder to make it more sale-able but make sure you spend enough time on it yourself or outsource the job to someone with the skills to make it look as new as possible.

When your items look as new as possible, take several pictures of the item from different angles so people will have no doubt of it’s condition.

Like eBay, items with pictures get clicked on and sell faster.

Next,  you need to put your newly reconditioned items up for sale on CraigsLIst.

Log into your account and put your items in their appropriate “for sale” category.  It’s important that you list your items in the right section.

List a chair or sofa in the “furniture” section, a weedeater in the “farm + garden” section, etc.

Write a brief description of the item along with it’s condition and any history it may have and include your contact information.  A phone number or email address is necessary so people can easily contact you if they are interested.

That’s it!  Just rinse and repeat as many times as you want.

With this technique it’s, easy for anyone to make money online using CraigsList.

After you sell a few items and develop some experience; you will get a better idea of what sells and what doesn’t.

You can always put the items that don’t sell fast enough up for sale on eBay or as a last resort list them in your local newspaper.

Many people in this economy are discovering that they can make a substantial amount of money “recycling” items on CraigsList without spending a dime of their own money.

Anyone can make money online using CraigsList to recycle free stuff as long as you have a computer, an Internet connection, a free CraigsList account and are able to pick up and refurbish the items.

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