How To Change Google AdSense Advertisements On Your Website

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 15, 2010
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google-eye-adsenseMany people ask how to change Google AdSense advertisements when inappropriate or off topic ads are placed on their web pages.
It is a common frustration that occurs much too often and causes webmasters to endure low click through rates, and poor payouts.

Just what do you do when AdSense serves the wrong advertisements, and how do you combat it?

Well first of all, you need to understand how the Google AdSense program determines which ads to place on your site.

In early 2003, Google linked up with and acquired Applied Semantics; a California company that has a patent on CIRCA technology.

CIRCA technology essentially replicates human thought, to allow more effective information retrieval.  In a sense it duplicates the human thought process and tries to understand, organize, and extract information from websites, and other repositories of information.

This is perfect for Google AdSense advertisements.

Because it understands web page themes without human intervention; it provides relevant targeted Google AdSense advertisements to each web page.

The problem is that CIRCA technology isn’t always 100% accurate.

Although Google AdSense does it’s best to serve the correct ads, it’s a trial-and-error process that depends on the content of the web page.

To make certain you get the correct advertisement for each web page, make sure that your content is keyword loaded and specific to the advertisement.    Major placement errors occur when your content gets way off topic.

For example, if you have a general web page about fishing for redfish in Central Florida’s Mosquito Lagoon, and Google AdSense advertisements are serving Central Florida Cruises, even though nothing in your web page relates to cruises or cruise lines; it’s pretty obvious that the CIRCA technology is messing up.

AdSense is serving ads on Central Florida cruises, even though only Central Florida,  is mentioned in a page entirely devoted to fishing.

One explanation could be that the technology is associated to keyword pricing, or the AdWords advertiser’s daily budgets.

Another could be that Google AdSense advertisements are served to maximize revenues, and more emphasis is placed on revenue derived from Central Florida cruises, than from saltwater redfish fishing.

The problem is that this violates one of AdSense’s rules and ads are supposed to relate to the topic discussed on the web page, so that visitors will click on them.

In this case you could probably change the Google AdSense advertisements on your website by simply eliminating the paragraph containing ‘Central Florida’ from your content.

You can always keep modifying your content until the most relevant, and more expensive keywords are served on your website.

AdSense will usually update itself within a few hours, so there is no lengthy wait to view the results of your modifications.

The best way to ensure that all Google AdSense advertisements appear correctly on your website, when customers are coming to your site from an advertisement or link on a specific topic; is to never create a web page that is unrelated to that specific topic.

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