Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites Can Generate Thousands Of Visitors To Your Website!

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 16, 2010
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DO FOLLOW Social Bookmarking sites can generate thousands of visitors to your website when you know how to properly use them.

The key to really explode the number of visitors coming in to your website, is to use DO FOLLOW social bookmarking sites.

Before we go there, let me explain a little bit about social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is a way for Internet users to organize, store, search for, and manage their web page bookmarks on the Internet,  instead of in their web browsers.

With the help of tags and keywords, also known as metadata, the user’s bookmarks are stored on social bookmarking sites, where they are indexed and ranked according to their importance, by other users of the site.

Many social bookmarking sites now provide bookmark lists, or web feeds that are organized by tags, for their users that allow other visitors to the site, to find new bookmarks as they are posted in real time.

Because the search engines quickly index social bookmarking sites, social bookmarking is a great way to get your keywords to the top of the search engine results page FAST!

There are two types of Social bookmarking sites that will generate traffic to your website.    Most use the NO FOLLOW tag; which links back to your website, but stops the search engines from indexing the rest of your site after your bookmarked article is reached.

The search engines don’t particularly care for NO FOLLOW tags, because they prevent the full indexing of your website and limit the amount of content they can gather.    The NO FOLLOW tag also affects the amount of traffic that social bookmarking sites can generate to your site.

DO FOLLOW social bookmarking sites, encourage the search engines to index the rest of the content on your website, after they reach it.
All DO FOLLOW social bookmarking sites are loved by the search engines for their additional content.

You should love them because all of the content in your website is being indexed in the search engines.

Below is a select group of DO FOLLOW social bookmarking sites you should consider using to funnel more visitors to your website.  They are listed in no special order except for Google Page Rank.

Yattle – PR2
ez4u – PR3
SyncOne – PR3
A1 Webmarks – PR4
Bookmark Tracker – PR4
Connectedy – PR4
Diigo – PR4
MyVmarks – PR4
TeDigo – PR4
Buddy Marks – PR5
Jumptags – PR5
MyJeeves / Ask – PR5
MyLinkVault – PR5
Xilnus – PR5
Bibsonomy – PR6
LinkaGoGo – PR6
Mister-Wong – PR6
Raw Sugar – PR6
Spurl – PR6
Backflip – PR7
Furl – PR8

You get high page rank links from  DO FOLLOW social bookmarking sites and back links to your site, by simply bookmarking your article content.

Don’t forget to bookmark other sites along with yours, so you don’t get yourself into any hot water with the social bookmarking sites.

Social Bookmarking can generate thousands of visitors to your website daily, so why not start using the DO FOLLOW Social Bookmarking sites today?

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