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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 19, 2010
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Home business marketing SEO Using articles, is a great way to get links coming in to your web page and increase the amount of business traffic to your website.

When using articles for home business marketing, there are some things about SEO you need to know about, and keep in mind.

First of all, you need to know that there are actually two types of SEO.  On page and off page.

  • On page or onsite SEO, is what most people normally think of when they hear about search engine optimization.

On page SEO refers to the elements of your web page that explains to Google, which keywords your page should be indexed under.

Some important elements for on page optimization, are your HTML tags, your image ALT tags, image file names, and your content.  The title tag is the most important element for on page optimization.  If you don’t get anything else right, you definitely need to get the title tag perfect, if you expect to achieve good results.

You title tag not only labels your page, it’s the first thing that tells visitors what your page is about, and synchronizes with your off page efforts to achieve the results you are after.

  • Links back to your website, are the most important for off page optimization.

Home business marketing SEO using articles submissions, is a really good way to get back links.

Using article sites like Article.com or Ezinearticles.com, that have a good search engine ranking and a good Page Rank, will dramatically help your search engine ranking when they link back to your website.

Make sure you include your resource box that links back to your website, when you write your articles.  When you submit your article, the links that you placed in your resource box point back to your website.

The search engines will follow the links, and will increase your ranking in the search engine results.

The nature of the links that point to your website is also important.

Home business marketing SEO using articles has it’s refinements.  Instead of placing your direct URL at the end of your article, anchor your link with a long tailed keyword or keyword optimized phrase.

Don’t simply place your link in text like “CLICK HERE”; use an anchor link that synchronizes with the title tag in your page.  Use an anchor link like,  “home business marketing SEO using articles” as in this case.

When Google finds the link with the long tail keyword phrase in it, and follows the link to a website with the same keyword term and title tag; it melds like peanut butter and jelly.  It’s almost a guaranteed way to increase your ranking.

Home business marketing SEO Using articles, is a excellent way to get links coming in to your web page and increase your site ranking.

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