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One of the best free strategies to drive targeted traffic to your web site is article marketing.  It requires effort, but on the other hand the returns can be tremendous.

Most super marketers use article marketing as part of their arsenal of strategies to drive traffic to their web sites.

Your articles content can also be reproduced around the Internet thereby increasing your web site’s exposure.

Internet gurus have sold millions of dollars worth of article marketing ebooks and guides on how to be proficient at article marketing.     Script writers have also made tons of money promoting software that create directories and automate article submissions.   With all the press that it’s gotten lately you might wonder, does it really work?

Well, I recently started article marketing and have published several articles in a few directories.  Some of the directories have RSS feeds that get my articles to many web sites.

I have recently had articles get on the first page of Google and Yahoo in as little as 24 hours. Believe me, I know for a fact that article marketing works.

How did I accomplish this?

If I don’t know about something, I don’t write about it.

When I started writing articles, I followed some guidelines about topics I knew little about.  This blind writing, as I call it, was not only incoherent at times, but of little use to anyone.  I soon discovered that it took too much time to write about something that I had to learn about in order to become coherent.

I also made the mistake of trying to be perfect in writing my articles.  This proved to be time consuming and boring.

Since then, I’ve learned quite a few things online about article marketing techniques.

Always write about something you know something about or that you enjoy doing, such as fishing, photography, coin collecting, etc.  This allows for a better vocalization of the topic as well as a free flow of your writing.  If you don’t have a better than average knowledge of the topic, don’t write about it.

If possible, always write an article topic that is not in use.  Before I submit, or even write an article, I search for the article I want to use by putting it in quotes on Google and Yahoo.  If it appears in the search engines, I write another title to use and try again until I get one that doesn’t appear.  This enables easier tracking of the article as well as easier indexing.

After writing your article, wait a few days and retype the title into Google and check out the results.  If you are submitting to 10 or more directories, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Be fluid in your writing and don’t bore anybody with articles over 600-700 words.
People are in a hurry and want you to get to the point, quick!

Include a link to your web site or blog at the end of each article.

Now, just wait for the traffic to be generated while you write the next article.
Sometimes it takes a little time for traffic generation, but when you do get traffic, you can be assured it is Targeted.

You will have much more qualified leads than your competitors because the people clicking on your web site already like what you have to say!

Writing articles can be fun, now lets get to it!

For more information on article writing, CLICK HERE.

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