Facebook Groups – Starting A Facebook Group To Build Your Brand

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 21, 2009
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Starting a Facebook group to build your brand is an inexpensive, intelligent way, to market your business  on the Internet,  and  potentially make it grow viral.

Facebook groups have been around for awhile; in fact they are probably the oldest, and easiest way to build a  facebook-buttoncommunity around your business.

The best part about starting a Facebook group to build your brand is that it is absolutely free.

When you start a Facebook group, you create a central location for your business brand, where all your potential customers, friends, and associates can participate in a dialogue.

There is a built in invitation feature, that allows members who have already joined your group, to easily invite their friends to participate in discussions.

This feature alone can grow your group very quickly; especially if you can get members interested and excited about your group, or if you just happen to have some notoriety.

Celebrities like Stephen Colbert’s group, grew to well over a million members in a less than a month.

Your group member’s personal profile pages, will display your group name until the member decides to leave your group.

These profile pages will also help to grow your group’s membership,  and because they are highly trafficked, a lot of clicks to your group page, can be generated through these links.

When you start a Facebook group to build your brand, you will get boards for posting new subjects to discuss, videos, photos, or URL links.

News, and new topic updates, along with your marketing messages, can be transmitted to your group member’s Facebook Inbox, as often as you feel necessary.

There are some drawbacks to starting a Facebook group to build your brand that you should know about.

Once your group grows beyond a certain point, currently about 1500 members; Facebook takes away your ability to “blast” your messages to your group members.

Growth also has it’s disadvantages, because you become a prime target for spammers.

You’ll find that you have to spend an inordinate amount of time deleting spam wall posts, to keep your group spam free. It also takes up your time to report the spammers to Facebook.

Lastly, Facebook’s new privacy changes are not making everyone happy.

Their new privacy changes are clearly intended to urge Facebook users, to share more of their information with the public.

The changes appear to reduce the amount of control that users have over their personal data.

Facebook now treats your name, your profile picture, current city, gender, networks, and the pages that you are a “fan” of, as publicly available information; where before you could restrict access to much of that information.

Despite these drawbacks, starting a Facebook group to build your brand is still the best way to make your business go viral.

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