Easy Website Navigation Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 11, 2010
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Many webmasters overlook the fact that easy website navigation can increase your conversion rates substantially.

Making sure that your website is easy to navigate, should be a no brainer to all webmasters these days, however all you have to do is surf the Internet to find that many sites that are sorely lacking in good web design.

Most website visitors searching for a specific item, will decide whether or not they want to remain on your site within the first 30 seconds after they get there.

If they can immediately locate the term they were searching for, and if the products or services on your website are logically laid out and can be easily accessed; it’s very likely they will stick around long enough to take the “action” you want them to.

The longer your visitors stay on your website to access information such as product descriptions, prices, frequently asked questions, or warranty information; the more likely they are to either purchase a product, subscribe to your website, or return to your site after they leave.

The key to everything is to provide easy website navigation.

Here is how easy website navigation can increase your conversion rates and retain more visitors on your site.

  • It’s important keep your website simple.  Plan out your website design long before you begin loading it up with content.
  • Keep the appearance of your individual web pages uniform, and give them all the same navigation options.
  • For easier access, develop a logical progression to your website, and use drop down menus to organize your content by topic.
  • Provide an easy to locate search box, so your visitors can quickly and easily locate products, services, and topics on your site without getting confused.
  • Make sure that visitors to your site always have the ability to quickly return to your home page to find what they need.
  • Every page should have either a “back” button or drop down menus so visitors can easily click back to the previous pages they visited.
  • When you are positive that your visitors can easily locate what they need from any page of your website, you should test your website in the major web browsers to ensure that everything works as planned.

With some logical planning, easy website navigation can increase your conversion rates, retain more visitors on your site, and provide them with an enjoyable viewing experience that will get them to return.

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