E-mail Marketing – Use The Subject Line To Get Your Emails Read

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 11, 2009
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In e-mail marketing,  it is important to use the subject line to get your emails read and acted on.

Email marketing is only one type of direct marketing strategy available to online business entrepreneurs trying to make ends meet in our current economy.

When done properly, E-mail marketing allows a huge amount of prospects to be instantaneously contacted with new offers, new products, or services.   It also allows businesses to economically pursue an ongoing relationship with their customers.

When e-mail marketing is done improperly, marketing e-mails can be construed as spam, and deleted by the recipient, or filtered out by anti spam programs, or servers.    This can irreparably damage your relationships with customers and potential clients.

So, exactly how can we be assured that our email marketing gets to our clients?

It all begins and ends with the subject line of your e-mail!  Use the subject line to get your emails read!

Recently, testing research has shown that informative e-mail subject lines, perform much better than some of the “cutesy”, attention grabbing titles that are often used by email marketers.

Granted, your email may not be deleted as spam with a creative subject line, but the best “open” rates are consistently from informative subject lines, not than those “cutesy creative” subject lines.

You still don’t want a “dull” e-mail subject, however, the whole idea, is to get your e-mail opened and read by the recipient.

The truth is that good performing subject lines, actually do describe the subject of the e-mail!

An e-mail subject line like   “Mosquito Lagoon &  Indian River Fishing Newsletter: July 10, 2009” will outperform a subject line such as “The Potential of Chinese Trade Relations” by a significant factor.

Not all e-mail readers show the entire e-mail subject line.

For this reason, it is best to keep your e-mail subject under 50 characters. This will allow recipients to read your e-mails regardless of which program is being used.

Some words should not be used in the e-mail subject line, or if used, used sparingly.  Free and discount may trigger a spam filter if used to frequently in the e-mail subject and message.

Spam filters score the e-mail according to phrases and words used, message length, origin, images included, exclamation marks, punctuations used, etc.

The e-mail is rejected, and classified as spam, once the particular threshold of the program is reached.

If your are still unsure how to use your subject line to get your e-mails read, you might consider using an expert broadcaster or other such service.

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