Creating Powerful Headlines That Sell

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 15, 2009
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You need to create powerful headlines that sell, in order to capture the attention of a prospect when they visit your website.

Generally, you only have a few moments to accomplish this, and creating a powerful selling headline is the most efficient tool you have at your disposal.

Here are a few tips to help you create powerful headlines that sell and really get your point across.

1 – Use Emotion In Your Headline.

Psychologists agree that our emotions directly affect our buying decisions.  You should create headlines that offer your readers strong emotional benefits.

i.e. “Five Techniques That Will Turn You Into A Dynamic Marketing Guru” nurtures the desire
to be powerful and successful in the reader.

Some other powerful emotions that can be used, are a need to feel;  attractive, assertive, sexy, macho, confident, energetic, pampered, intelligent, proud, respected, safe, secure, and a sense of belonging.

2 – Make Your Headline Active.

In order to compel a visitor to take an action, it’s important to use active language, that commands attention.

For example, “Stop Smoking Today With This Simple Trick”, is a good headline, but doesn’t tap into any emotion, or compel the visitor to take any action.

A compelling headline such as; “Conquer Your Smoking Habit Today With This Simple Trick”, is more active and emotionally charged.

Readers emotionally benefit from the word Conquer; by feeling in control, and more powerful.

Stopping something; gives a direction.

Conquering something; commands an action, and is a much more compelling.

3 – Tell Your Reader How Important They Are.

Avoid using I, Me, or We, when creating powerful headlines that sell; use YOU, instead.

YOU is more personal, and lets your readers know you are specifically talking to them about solving their problems, and helping them to achieve their goals.   YOU, is an extremely powerful word.

“Conquer Your Smoking Habit Today Using Our Easy System”

“Conquer The Smoking Habit Today Using Our System”

When creating a powerful headline that sells, remember that people want to know what’s in it for them!

When people digest the information in your headline, they will be persuaded to eventually make a purchase that will benefit them.

Remember that your headline, is the most important, and effective part of any internet marketing effort.

When you take the time to create a powerful, compelling, selling headline, you will benefit from it for a long time to come.

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