5 Quickies On Getting Website Traffic-Fast!

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 16, 2009
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Getting website traffic fast, is one of the most important keys to success in any online endeavor.

The more visitors you attract to your website, the more sales can be expected, along with greater profits.

Assuming you already have a target niche, and a compiled list of keywords that are regularly researched for effectiveness; here are 5 quickies on getting website traffic fast that will definitely improve your success rate.

Quickie #1 – Tag Your Keywords!

If you spend time optimizing your website content and then forget to tag your keywords on your web page; this one’s for you!

Search engines look for tags.  If there are no tags on your web page, they pass right by and your page does not get indexed.

There are several types of tags, that are briefly explained below, that you need to use.

  • Title Tags:

Title tags are the most important area to place your primary keywords, or keyword phrase. You describe your business in 90 characters or less in a sentence that looks like this:

<title>Primary keyword or keyword phrase here</title>

  • Header Tags:

After the title, header tags are what search engines look for. Header tags are ranked in their order of importance where “1” signifies this header as being most important on the web page.

<h1>Main and/or secondary keyword or keyword phrase here</h1>

  • Meta Tags:

The meta tags gives you the descriptive text that is underneath the title tag on the results page of the search engine.  These are always short, timely, and informative.

  • Alt Tags:

Each graphic on your website is given a text description that is provided by an alt tag.  Every graphic has a description and an alt tag.

Quickie #2 – Update You Website Daily!

Search engine spiders look for, and index, CONTENT. Fresh content on your website is necessary to attract the search engine spiders.

Content is essential for attracting website traffic and gaining top search engine rankings, which is why you need to give your visitors, and the search engines a good reason to stop by your site.

If you dedicate yourself to furnishing fresh, useful, optimized, content to your website on a daily basis, your website traffic will quickly skyrocket!

Quickie #3 – Get Incoming Links To Your Website.

Search engines give more weight to a website with many inbound links.  The more relevant incoming links you can manage to attract, the more valuable your website becomes to the search engines.

Not all links are created equal; more credibility is given to links coming from “popular”, established websites, that have a similar topic to yours.  More importance is given to these links coming into your website.

You can attract links by trying some or preferably all of the following:

  • Add content to your website on a regular basis.
  • Use article directories to promote your website.
  • Publishing press releases.
  • Submitting articles and participating in social networking sites.
  • Blogging and joining social networking forums and chat rooms.

Here are a few types of links.

Direct links, that look like a website url.

i.e. www.anywebsite.com

Embedded links, where website links are embedded in the text.

i.e., For more information on dog behavior<a href=”http://www.anywebsite.com”>CLICK HERE!</a>

Deep linking, where the link is to an internal web page.

i.e., For more information on <a href=”http://www.anywebsite.com/blog-    posting-for-great-danes.html”>great dane behavior</a>

Quickie #4 – Be Sociable!

It pays to be sociable these days on the internet.

Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist can generate links and tons of traffic to your website. Get involved, create a profile, develop a small community, and then post your comments along with links to your site.

Successful Internet marketing, now more than ever before, has become interdependent with social networking.

There are many forums and chat rooms that are market specific, where you can connect with a targeted audience and promote your website.

Quickie #5 – Advertise!

PPC advertising is often the way to go to get immediate website traffic – fast!
PPC allows you to control your daily advertising budget and gives you tools to track and tailor your efforts.  PPC can give you a phenomenal return on your investment when honed and handled properly.

To get the best results, create a blueprint, set your goals, and then take the action necessary to create a SEO and traffic strategy.

These 5 quickies on getting website traffic fast should boost your internet business considerably!

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