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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 17, 2010
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Through the years, viral marketing has matured and viral marketers have learned that creating a buzz is an extremely effective way to get something noticed.

They have also learned that the best medium to launch an effective viral marketing campaign, is the Internet.

bee-pollenIn order to generate interest in a product or service, creating a buzz on the Internet will work for almost any type of business.

Big business especially gets it, and uses it to the max, as you can readily see in the movie industry.

Movie premiere releases, used to be regarded as the ultimate pre launch buzz activity.

These days, before movies are released to the public, before the movie ever goes to print, and before movie commercials ever get air time on the television; viral marketing campaigns are launched for creating a buzz on the Internet.

With proper planning, creating a buzz works well for small and start-up businesses.

First set your objectives, and develop the viral theme for a buzz.

The three main components to any viral marketing campaign, that businesses of any size can use, are outlined below.

  • Compiling Creative Materials

Creative material or content is the viral agent that encapsulates the message that you want to spread.  It is usually in digital format as an image, video, text or a combination of these.

Putting together material that people are eager to share with their friends and family, is where the creativity comes in.  It’s a trick and an art, to create a digital advertisement that is entertaining enough to go viral and create a buzz.

  • Distribution or Seeding

Effective distribution of your creative materials, and placing it online where it has the most potential to spread, is extremely important.

To create an awareness, spread your viral material downloads or links, on specialist viral third party websites.  The more areas you distribute or seed your viral materials, the more effective you will be at creating a buzz on the Internet.

  • Tracking The Campaign

In creating a buzz, it is vital that you know what is working and what is not working in your viral marketing campaign.  The only way to measure the spread of the campaign, is to track the results of your seeding activities.

There is a science in creating a buzz around a product, and the technique when strategically used,  can definitely make your business a success.

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