Common Errors Made Creating An Effective Google AdWords Campaign

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 21, 2009
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Creating an effective Google AdWords campaign can be challenging for both beginners and experts; especially when you’re not used to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

If you’re not sure of what you’re doing, it’s easy to make mistakes when creating an effective Google AdWords img-ppccampaign; some of which can be quite costly.

Fortunately, the internet is filled with information to help you with your PPC campaigns, however, as with anything else on the Internet, you can get some bad advice along with good information.

Here are the some of the most common errors made by PPC marketers, that should help you with creating an effective Google AdWords campaign.

  • Excluding keywords from the body of your ads.

Although most of the ads I see have keywords in their headlines, many marketers neglect to place their keywords in the body of their advertisements.

Placing some relevant keywords or phrases, at least once in the body of the ad, makes it more search engine friendly.

  • Not initially stating your offer, and funneling your visitors to your landing page.

You might be surprised how many campaign directors, send their visitors to the home page of their main website.

This is a No, No.

This forces visitors to search for the information they should already easily have access to on your landing page.

It also gives visitors a chance to leave your homepage if they decide your site isn’t up to their expectations. You can have the best ads on the Internet, but if your visitors leave before getting to read your ads, what good is it?

Make it super easy for your visitors to access the information that you want them to see.

  • Using only the broad match keywords in Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

googleadwords1Google’s Keyword selection tool is a great aid in finding keywords for your campaign, however, don’t limit it’s use to only the broad match function.

The broad match function is only useful for getting a feel of what is used in your niche market.
You can get more targeted keywords by using those produced from phrase matches and exact matches.

  • Continue using keywords that don’t get results.

If your keywords are not producing as expected, devote some effort to finding other more productive keywords for your marketing campaign.

Finding the precise keywords that target your market takes some time; it rarely occurs overnight.

Use the synonym feature in the Google AdWords Selector Tool, to find new, more descriptive keywords.

  • Using bland, blah, headlines.

If you can’t give your visitors an interesting headline that catches their attention, you’ve already lost your sale.

Your headline should immediately compel your audience to read your advertisement.

Present the most important benefit that your product or service provides to your potential customer  in your headline.   This will insure that your viewers read the rest of your ad, and click through it.

Remember that the headline of your ad, is in Carnival terminology, the hook.  It should grab your viewer, and pull them in.

Creating an effective Google AdWords campaign that generates tons of traffic and converts well, takes time, but if you avoid making these costly PPC mistakes, you’ll benefit in the end.

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The Ezine article, Paid Search Campaign Secrets That Can Save You Money also saved me some money on PPC advertising. I am a ‘newbie’ at this but learning fast.

Written By Norma on February 24th, 2010 @ 9:12 am

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