Building Web Traffic: Building Web Traffic With YouTube

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 23, 2010
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Building web traffic with YouTube is beyond a doubt, one of the most effective, if not the most effective method for you to use on the Internet.

youtubeOn the third anniversary of it’s acquisition by Google, YouTube now has bragging rights for over one billion video hits a day on their website.

Regardless of what is being viewed by the public, that’s an awful lot of traffic!

When YouTube announced on Friday, May 21st., 2010 that it was streaming a full billion videos daily, it cemented in the minds of many Internet marketers the necessity of using videos to promote their products.

Initially, in 2005 when YouTube entered the cyberworld with their first engaging video on elephants; no one had visions of the site ever becoming a worldwide video repository.

Jawed Karim is the guy in the original clip below, and is one of three original founders of YouTube.

The original goal of YouTube, was to build a video version of And the early version of the website even included fields asking for gender and ages of the people “you are seeking”.

Within a short time, YouTube evolved into a conglomeration of videos that people decided were O.K. to upload, and the “Your Digital Video Repository” slogan was born along with their familiar logo.

Less than a year after the opening of YouTube, in October of 2006, Google recognizing a good thing, came knocking on the doors of YouTube and paid $1.65 billion for the site.

The following “History of YouTube” video special, compiled by a KSU anthropology class, walks through YouTube’s early years.

Since then, YouTube has “gone where no man has ever gone before” and continues to be the number one video, and Internet information marketing site on the Internet.

If you have never considered building web traffic with YouTube, promoting your business, or marketing your affiliate products; you might want to rethink your position web video marketing.

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