Article Marketing: Prewriting Ezines Makes Article Writing Easier

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 25, 2012
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Over time most successful article marketers have learned that Prewriting Ezine Articlesprewriting Ezines makes article writing easier and much more productive.

Prewriting is something that is done before you begin to write, proofread, or edit your Ezine articles.

When done properly, all the author needs to do before submitting their Ezine for publication is to polish up their prewritten draft and make a few transitions where needed.

Prewriting allows an author more freedom to concentrate on getting their creative juices flowing and to write truly original articles.

Unfortunately, many Expert Authors in an effort to try to save time writing and churn out more content, skip any semblance of creativity.

The most successful Ezine articles reflect the combination of the author’s expertise and creativity.

Without both, the article is usually found wanting.

Before you chrun out your next Ezine article, consider prewriting your articles using the following guidelines.

  • Identify the audience you are writing to and keep some of the following questions in mind.
    • Who are you writing to and why?
    • Who is in your audience?
    • What are the demographics of your audience?
    • (Common marketing demographics include age, gender, income level, race and ethnicity.)
    • What does your target audience do?
    • What does your audience expect from you? What do they need or want?
    • Do they know anything about your niche market and if so, do they have any preconceptions?
    • What do you have in common with your audience?

By identifying your audience before you start writing, you are more likely to create something for their benefit that will actually meet their needs.

This ultimately results in more traffic being funneled to your website or blog.

Focus on a specific topic to write about.

  • Prewriting Ezines makes article writing easier when you identify a specific topic.

Writing about broad topics often leads to a loss of focus, which also leads to a hodgepodge of extraneous ideas being injected into an article.

If you must write about a broad topic, break it down into a series of smaller articles which you can write about at a later date.

If you can’t describe your topic in one or two words, your topic is probably too broad to write about.

For example, a topic like “fishing” is much too broad.

A much more focused topic would be “Saltwater fishing for sheepshead along the jetties in Port Canaveral”.

  • After you have identified a specific topic to write about to your audience, you need to research and gather additional information on your subject matter.

Play news reporter and ask who, what, where, when, why and how.

Jot down any new relevant ideas pertaining to these questions and use them as a guide in your writing.

Don’t include information that is not relevant to your subject matter.

  • Make a general outline from the information you researched and create a template from it that can be easily converted into your finished Ezine article.

The outline should be simple and have specific details about everything you want your audience to be informed about.

With a little polish, a good outline should easily be able to be converted into a finished article without having to “stuff” it full of extraneous B.S.

A simple checklist along the lines of an outline, will ensure that everything you want to include in your article gets included.

Prewriting Ezines makes article writing easier to accomplish, more productive and easier for your audience to digest.  Try it.

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