Affiliate Marketing: Some Things You Need To Know Before Creating An Affiliate Marketing Website.

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 26, 2011
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affiliate-marketing-blue1Before creating an affiliate marketing website there are some things you need to know that will not only maximize your income potential, but will keep your interest through the long haul.

In affiliate marketing, even though it is not necessary to have a website to actively promote your affiliate product; having a great website that is targeted to your interest will enable your business to most likely prosper.

Before creating an affiliate marketing website, make sure you are passionate about what you are promoting.

There are pros and cons about creating an affiliate marketing business around your personal interests but if you lack the enthusiasm and passion to aggressively promote your affiliate product or service; you had better take on another line of work.

Lets face it, if you have little to no interest in the affiliate product you have chosen to create your affiliate marketing business around; it becomes a passionless endeavor that potential customers will pick up on in a New York second.

When choosing merchants, make sure their products or services are compatible with the content of your website.

If you create an affiliate marketing website around saltwater fishing in a specific area; make sure the merchants affiliate products you include in your website are also targeted to saltwater fishing in the same area.

By “super targeting” your merchants products, you greatly increase the possibility of someone clicking on your affiliates link.

When you create an affiliate marketing website devoted to saltwater fishing in the Tampa area, make sure that the content you use in your web pages is about Tampa area saltwater fishing.

Keep your page content “on point”.  You don’t want to talk about freshwater catfish baits and tactics in Jacksonville, when your website is devoted to strictly Tampa area saltwater fishing.

Keeping your content current is also important when maintaining a web presence.

Before creating an affiliate marketing website on any given topic, make certain that the affiliate topic you choose is ongoing.  You need to keep your content fresh and make posts on a daily, or at least on a weekly basis if at all possible.

The more fresh up to date content you post on your website, the faster Google and the other search engines will pick up and follow your website.  Over time, your site will eventually get to the top of the page ranking and your visitor traffic will follow.  You can never have too much content on an affiliate marketing website.

Before creating an affiliate marketing website, make sure you have developed keywords that will get visitor traffic to your site.

Search engine optimization is important when creating your site.  Make sure the main keywords are in the URL of your site, the name of your site, the Title and whenever possibile sprinkled throughout the content of your text.

When writing your articles, optimize the content in the same manner.  Place your keyword in the Title, immediately in the first paragraph of your text, throughout the article and at the end of the last paragraph of your content.

Using keywords in hyperlinks will also make your site more attractive to the search engines.

Before creating an affiliate marketing website it is important that you set up your site navigation so that visitors can easily access any section of your website from any page.  You don’t want your visitors confused or overwhelmed with your website.

A clean looking website that is easy to navigate and that is not cluttered with banners or unnecessary affiliate ads, will get more attention and clicks than one that is loaded with flagrant advertisements.

Choose only advertisements and banners that compliment the overall look of your website; don’t cram your site full of ads just to have them.

Give your visitors a good reason to stay on your website.

Since we already live in a multimedia world, you can do this easily by including quality audio and video content along with your articles.

Statistically, websites that feature audio and video content along with their existing content, do far better than those that do not.

Email marketing can make you a ton of money when done properly.  For this reason as your visitor traffic increases, it’s a good idea to publish an opt in newsletter or offer a free report of some sort to encourage visitors to subscribe to your site.

Once your list of contacts grows, you will find that email marketing is a valuable asset to your advertising and sales efforts.

You will also discover that people who sign up to your newsletter, website, or monthly “whatever” will be much more receptive to your affiliate offers than other individuals.

As your list of targeted email contacts grows, you will be able to build friendships with individuals and promote other affiliate products,  as well as yourself.

When you hear that the money is in the list; believe it.

Before creating an affiliate marketing website
, it’s a good idea to visit forums that are in your market niche to determine the potential of the market.

After you have created your site, don’t stop visiting these forums.  They are valuable for building relationships, improving your credibility and attracting new visitors to your website.  It doesn’t hurt to include your web site URL with your signature when posting to forums either.

The last thing you need to know before creating an affiliate marketing website is the selection of a reliable company to host your website, manage your subscribers,  and deliver your sequence of email messages automatically to people on your list.

A super website is worthless to you when it is down or not available for whatever reason.

Research your web hosting and autoresponder services to find the most reliable provider at the cheapest cost to you.

Learning about some things you need to know before creating an affiliate marketing website can save you a lot of time, money and wasted creativity effort.

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