6 Habits That All Successful Online Marketers Have In Common

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 20, 2011
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internet-marketingOver the last few years I have found that there are 6 habits that all successful online marketers have in common.

Although everyone’s business will be somewhat different; implementing the 6 habits that all successful online marketers have in common will just about guarantee your marketing success, regardless of the type of business you are involved with.

  • The first habit to implement is to create a plan and act on it every day.

It’s always a good habit to take action on your “gut” inclinations, but without a plan of action or a blueprint to guide you along the way, it’s becomes virtually impossible to succeed in any business.

Without having a plan of action to act upon, you’re just shooting in the dark at a fast moving target.

Of the 6 habits that all successful online marketers have in common, taking action on a plan is the most important.

Many newcomers to Internet marketing get overwhelmed and either unconsciously set aside their business plans or intentionally put it on the “back burner” in order to take action on other “important” tasks.

They wind up taking lots of action outside of their business plan and their businesses gradually begin to suffer.

If you plan on succeeding in your business, you have to know what your goals are, know what steps to take to achieve them and take daily action toward those goals.

Your business plan is your road map to success and if you don’t follow it, you’ll lose your way and get lost.

Every single successful Internet marketer known has developed the habit of taking action on their business plan every day.

Implementing this habit will build your productivity to unbelievably levels, dramatically increase your profits and substantially decrease your stress level.

  • Another one of the 6 habits that all successful online marketers have in common is to concentrate on creating repeatable income systems.

Almost every Internet marketer that first starts out will lose focus and jump from one money making idea to another.

Many start out promoting affiliate products, then jump to creating and selling an ebook of their own, then try to create money making AdSense websites, or do something else that looks too good not to try.

By not sticking with anything long enough to make a money making system out of it, they never achieve any long term results.

A good habit to foster is to concentrate on creating repeatable income systems in your business.

Repeatable income systems don’t have to be elaborate; they just need to be profitable.

Here are some examples of repeatable businesses that work:

  1. Creating your own “how-to” video courses on various niche topics
  2. Selling individual ebooks by creating simple mini-sites
  3. Promoting affiliate products in marketing forums
  4. Creating a series of niche websites for AdSense, Amazon, and Clickbank products.

Anything that you can easily do over and over again that will generate a profit qualifies as a repeatable income system.

It’s just common sense.  When you come up with an easy way to generate cash; just do it again and again and again.

Developing repeatable ways to earn cash will build your business into a cash cow in a relatively short period of time.

  • Building your list is another one of the 6 habits that all successful online marketers have in common.

If you never develop another habit in your business; make sure that whatever you create for your business has a list-building component attached to it.

Many online marketers focus on making a profit as quickly as possible and neglect building their lists. This is a huge mistake and a tremendous waste of time.

The single best way to build your long term cash flow is to build a targeted
email list of customers and prospects.

Develop the habit of always asking yourself how you can capture email addresses whenever you put up a website, create a new product, or promote an affiliate’s product.

The easiest and most effective way to do this is simply to offer something at no cost.

It can be a quick “how to” video, a free report, a free script, an ebook or any other helpful resource that will entice someone to sign up for your list.

It’s not necessary to have hundreds or thousands of people on your list, but you do need a “targeted” email list of subscribers that can be added to on a regular basis.

  • Develop a habit of focusing on building your business in the most competitive markets online.

This sounds contrary to what is commonly preached by purveyors of home based internet marketing information but the more competitive a market is, the more profit can be made in that particular market.

Generally, the more competitive the market is, the better it is for your business.

The niche for home based Internet marketing information business is huge and the competition is fierce, but that is precisely what you are looking for.

The general consensus is to look for small micro niche markets that no one else is in.

This is fine when first starting out when you don’t want to go up against any major competition but it’s not necessarily where the real money is.

Never be scared of an extremely competitive market.

Competition is where the buyers are, where the big money is and where you can be sure to make a decent profit when you succeed.

You don’t need to take over the entire market; all you need to do is figure out how to get a small piece of the pie.

  • Another one of the 6 habits that all successful online marketers have in common is the maximum automation of their businesses.

It’s impossible to fully automate your online business but you can get others to “automate” most of your business by outsourcing when it’s feasible.

Invest in software, scripts, and other tools that can in fact truly automate what you do in your business.

There are many tools you can get for free or for very little cost that can automate your business.

For example:  There are products that set up simple little websites with just a few mouse clicks and will then actually run them on autopilot.

Products like these cost relatively little and can be used daily to automate and grow an AdSense based niche website business.

Using this product every single day will build your cash flow a little bit at a time over a long period of time.

You can also outsource tasks that take up a lot of your time to implement.

When someone else is doing the work that you cannot or do not want to do yourself; it can be considered a form of automation.

There will be a time in every business when you have more cash than you have time to spend.   This is when outsourcing becomes practical.

Many new business that can’t afford outsourcing can do things manually until they reach that point.  They can still be on the lookout for resources that make jobs easier to perform.

Without automation of some type, it’s impossible to grow your business beyond what can be made in a 24 hour business day.

  • Make it a habit to get visitors to your website every day.

Without visitor traffic to your business, your business is worthless.

Of the 6 habits that all successful online marketers have in common; learning how to acquire targeted visitor traffic is a perhaps the most valuable skill they have all mastered.

All online marketers wrestle with the traffic situation, but it’s not as difficult to generate as some make it out to be.

Begin with article marketing and focus on getting free targeted traffic first.

With every offer you make, be it an ebook or affiliate product, include ways to get more visitors to your site.

Use video marketing to offer “how to” information and include your URL to generate targeted traffic and build your list.  Creating a video can add thousands to your list and increase your site traffic overnight.

Use Twitter and Facebook to promote your site and don’t shy away from experimenting with new ways to get visitors.

By developing the ; 6 habits that all successful online marketers have in common your business will succeed in ways you probably could never imagine.

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