Your Marketing Writing Skills Can Become A Home Based Business

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 20, 2009
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Webmasters and home based Internet business owners are constantly updating their blogs and websites to make them more appealing to potential customers.

This presents an opportunity for anyone who enjoys writing and is considering getting into an online business.

Writing is something that most people do not enjoy doing, and this fact, coupled with the need of online businesses for article content, gives a prolific writer a ready made home based business.

Since the Internet is primarily a text, image, and now video based platform, the need for well written article content will always be there.

All an author needs to start is a computer with an Internet connection, a word processing program and an email address.  Having your own website gives your business the added advantage of professionalism, but it is really not necessary to begin.

There is more than enough need on the Internet for good content to get your business going without having to create a website.

There are several types of writing that can be done on the Internet.

Writing for “content”, or content writing, is done primarily for websites.  This style of writing is challenging to writers not used to it.  It requires clearly written, engaging text with keyword insertions for website visitors and search engines.

Article writing is done more specifically for websites, blogs and newsletters again using strategically inserted keywords for the search engines.

Both styles should be concisely written and relatively brief, 400 to 750 words.  Reading anything over this amount on a computer screen can put the reader to sleep instead of in a buying mood.

Copywriters provide content for Internet marketing sites and sales letters.  They must creatively put potential buyers in the mood to purchase the marketers product or service without over hyping the product.

Ghostwriters on the Internet, create and develop E-books on just about any subject you can think of for their clients.

Regardless of the writing style that you choose for your business, professionalism is required if you expect to gain and maintain a reputation.

Obtain a professional email address with an alias, (pen name) if you prefer, to be used specifically for your business activities.

Spell check all your writing and use a plagiarism checker to insure you don’t inadvertently use someone else’s copy when writing your copy.  Use short sentences and a lot of white when writing.  This means using well defined paragraphs frequently.  The readers attention span lasts longer when lots of white shows through the copy.

When keywords are required in the copy you are writing for your client, use them without making their usage look forced or out of place.  After writing a few keyword rich assignments, you will be able to make the keywords read naturally in the copy.  The more copy you write, the easier it becomes to pack keywords into your articles.

When you decide on a writing style that suits you, go to Craigslist, message boards, freelance writing sites or just do a Google search to get some work.  With the current need on the Internet for good writers, you should have no trouble at all getting work.

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