Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Blogging Platform

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 5, 2009
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People often ask why you should use WordPress as your blogging platform, instead of Blogger or some of the others available online.

The simple answer, is that WordPress is the most versatile,  and in my opinion, the best platform out there.

First of all, WordPress is open source.

WordPress offers flexibility that is unavailable from Blogger, or any of the other online blog providers.

You should use WordPress as your blogging platform if you desire maximum personalization of your blog.

WordPress also offers you the security and peace of mind, when hosted on your own web host, of knowing that your blog will be online in the morning.

I’ve had the unfortunate experience of logging on to my blog, and discovering that my account had been suspended without any prior notice, and with no apparent reason.

Five months worth of hard work was lost in cyberspace.    As an beginning internet marketer, the loss of five months worth of content and hard work, was devastating.

If for no other reason, you should use WordPress as your blogging platform, on your own web host, to eliminate this occurrence from ever happening to you.

WordPress is extremely versatile.

There are tons of WordPress themes, applications, and plug ins available, that allow you to customize your site in any way your imagination leads you.

Premium WordPress themes are available at reasonable prices, or you can do a Google search for;  FREE WordPress Themes, and you’ll have hundreds to choose from.

The only problem I’ve had with the free themes, is that the quality is not always up top par, and some have advertising coded into the theme by their developers.

Many of the FREE themes also act strangely, when widgets and other plug ins are added.

After uploading your WordPress theme to your server, you can start customizing  to your heart’s content with some of the many plug ins available at the WordPress web site.

You should definitely use WordPress as your blogging platform if you’re serious about internet marketing.

The All in One SEO plug in, the XML Sitemap plug in, Akismet plug in, and others, are available for website optimization, and spam elimination.

You can also set your WordPress blog up for automatic “pinging” with your own ping list, to generate more website traffic.

WordPress can also be easily customized using plug-ins, to add extra services and to more readily interact with your website visitors.    Interactive blog management has never been easier.

Earning multiple streams of income is also much easier with WordPress, than with a conventional website or hosted blog.

You should definitely use WordPress as your blogging platform if you plan on starting your own home based internet marketing business.

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