Why Press Releases Can Dramatically Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 19, 2009
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Having a press release, automatically brands you as an authority of sorts, and is why press releases can dramatically increase your search engine rankings.

Regardless of what anybody tells you, Press Releases work!

Not only will press releases they get your web site noticed, they can be the conduit to opening new markets for your products or services.

Well written press releases can dramatically increase your search engine rankings and improve your visibility both on, and off the web.

Press releases should not be written like an advertisement, but more on the order of a newsworthy event.

Write your press release just as a news reporter would, in the third person.

Include your own quotes about yourself, and be the expert that you are portraying to your readers.

Become the reporter, and quote other people giving information about you and your business, as a reliable source.  Remember that having a press release, makes you a respected expert, and an authority to others.

When you tell other people how great you are, often enough.  You become great.  It follows the premise that if you tell a lie often enough, to enough people; it is no longer a lie!

You will find that writing several tiny press releases will get your message all over the internet.

If your message is passionate and interesting enough, you could even be selected to be interviewed on radio and TV shows.

The main reason why press releases can increase your search engine rankings, is that your URL gets listed with the search engines within 24 hours or less!

You don’t have to wait for weeks or months to get indexed; press releases get indexed almost immediately.

In addition to that, a well written press releases will usually get you a page one listing with Google, Yahoo News, and their main sites.

If you submit your press release on Thursday or Friday, it should be released in the media over the weekend; however, if you use PR Web, there is a couple day delay.

If you are using PR Web’s service, the competition for a top 10 listing on the first page of PR Web’s MAIN website, is LESS on weekends.  You have a greater chance of getting a number one listing on the weekend.

This is why a well written press release can dramatically increase your search engine rankings.

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