Video Squeeze Pages: Three Main Reasons Why You Should Not Use Video Squeeze Pages

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 24, 2011
Posted Under: List Building,Video Marketing

squeezeMany people erroneously use fancy video squeeze pages to get visitors to their sign up to their list assuming that a video will translate into a higher opt in rate.

This thinking is not necessarily correct; in fact video squeeze pages may actually reduce the number of opt ins you receive.

Fundamentally, there are three main reasons why you should not use video squeeze pages to build your list.

1 –  Videos generally take a long time to load.

As you already know, people are impulsive and impatient creatures; especially in this day and age.

Video squeeze pages could cause impatient visitors that would normally sign up to your list to leave.  This leaves you with opt ins from visitors who are the most patient, but also who are the least impulsive.

Since the biggest spenders and most frequent customers are also usually the most impulsive buyers; it stands to reason that using video squeeze pages will build you a list of the least impulsive subscribers.

Not only is this a bad way to target your audience, it’s bad business.

Why would you want to take a a chance of scaring off impulsive buyers by using a video squeeze page?

If you make your squeeze pages simple, easy to understand and fast loading; your prospects can opt in to view your video at their leisure if they care to learn more.

2 – Unprofessional looking video squeeze pages will drive away visitors.

Squeeze pages should be professional looking and focused on the task at hand; which is getting visitors to opt in to your list.

Don’t put the cart before the horse.  The same impatient people that you might lose by using video squeeze pages would probably view your videos after they have opted in and had a chance to learn what you’re all about.

Unprofessional or tedious looking video squeeze pages could actually be driving away traffic and potential opt ins from your site.

When you hear people say “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”, don’t think for a minute that visitors can’t and won’t judge your squeeze page by it’s appearance.  They do.

3 – There is no need for video squeeze pages.

When you stop and think about it, squeeze pages don’t require a video.

Everything you need to say to get people to opt in to your list can be stated in a well written headline.

If you have a complex benefit offer to convey to your visitors, just use the proven tried and true method of using bullet points to get your message across .

Dressing up your squeeze pages by adding fancy videos to them does nothing but slow down the process of getting subscribers to your list.

If you doubt this statement; do your own testing between your video squeeze pages and squeeze pages without a video.  I think you’ll be surprised with the results.

Squeeze pages are not intended to improve your name recognition, do any selling or branding; they exist strictly for building an email marketing list for your business.  Nothing more.

Once you have your email list compiled you can concentrate on building a relationship with your potential customers and selling your wares.

The easiest quickest way to make a ton of sales and generate free targeted traffic is through the use of your email list so don’t waste your time with fancy video squeeze pages, just keep it simple and build your list.

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