Using Review Sites To Pre Sell Your Affiliate Product

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 9, 2009
Posted Under: Affiliate Marketing

If you are not using review sites to pre sell your affiliate product, you are probably losing a lot more in sales, than you realize.

Affiliate marketers who choose a quality product, can begin making money almost immediately, if they can successfully acquire traffic, and redirect it to the merchant’s sales page.

As a good affiliate marketer, you should already realize that using review sites to pre sell your affiliate product, is the ideal way to accomplish this.

Successful affiliates already know how to drive traffic.

However, the job becomes much easier, and the conversion rate increases, when you add an additional step between acquiring the traffic, and sending the traffic to the merchant’s page.

This intermediate step, is where a website visitor is furnished additional information in the form of a review, to pre sell the affiliate product to the potential customer.

Using review sites to pre sell your affiliate product, will increase your conversion rates substantially.

Write a ringing endorsement for your affiliate product; and add a review of some related products and publish it on your website.

It’s a good idea to include some testimonials about the “greatness” of the product, as well as any other proof of the product’s effectiveness.

A good product review, should also have pictures of the product displayed with the endorsement, along with the other related products.

To pre sell, you need a landing page to send your visitors to.

The landing page is the place to provide your web site visitors with some valuable content that will further informs them about the benefits of your product.

This is where you get to “FIRE UP” your potential customer, and prepare them to buy your affiliate product.

After they are sufficiently FIRED UP by the pre sale content you have provided, you direct them to the merchant’s sales page where they actually buy your affiliate product.

Using review sites to pre sell your affiliate product also…

  • Allows you to explain WHY your visitors can’t live without the affiliate product you are selling through your landing page.
  • Provides you an opportunity to demonstrate your credibility. Your customers MUST gain your trust.
  • Gives you the opportunity to outline all the benefits of your affiliate product.
  • Provides you with the perfect chance to entice your visitor to buy.
  • Maximizes sales by giving your visitors precise directions on how to proceed to the merchant’s sales page.

As you can see, using review sites to pre sell your affiliate product, has many additional benefits that make your affiliate marketing more lucrative.

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