Use Linking To Generate Traffic.

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 21, 2009
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Many Internet marketers use linking to generate traffic, only as a secondary method to search engine optimization.

This is a terrible waste of a marketing resource.

Unfortunately, many Internet marketers view search engine optimization as the holy grail of traffic generation, and seldom, if ever, consider linking to generate traffic.

Huge amounts of web traffic can be generated by having high traffic websites link to your site.

Marketers that use linking to generate traffic, usually achieve incredible results if they go about the linking process correctly.

You see, if you recognize that a search engine result page, is just like any other web page, on any other website on the Internet.

You will also realize that when your website is listed on top of the results page, and someone clicks on your link; you are actually receiving a back link from that search query, as someone navigates to your site.

In other words, the high volume search engine query, is essentially back linking to generate traffic back to your website.

If another high traffic website, other than the search engine site, referenced your website; the traffic generating effect would be exactly the same.

When you use linking to generate traffic, you must give the high traffic website a good reason to link to your site.

The trick is to get other high-traffic websites in your niche to successfully link to your website!

One technique is to create a debate article, or some other type of thought provoking article, that will generate a passionate response from visitors.

Another is to come up with innovative solutions to problems people have had all their adult lives.

Give people very good reasons or offer a substantive value, to earn a link from their high traffic website.

When you use linking to generate traffic, it can go both ways.

This is called reciprocal linking, and is also very effective in generating traffic.

Simply link to a high traffic website that has content related to your website, and then ask for a link back.

As long as your website is worthy of receiving a link, most individuals will go along with a reciprocating back link.

In addition to search engine optimization, use linking to generate traffic to your website, it works!

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