Twitter Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Marketing

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 11, 2010
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twitter_logo_on_black_Although Twitter has become a great traffic generating tool for Internet marketers; there are some Twitter mistakes that can hurt your marketing efforts and actually damage your business.

Because of the huge number of people that use Twitter on a daily basis; it has now become one of the premiere places to share your marketing message with potential clients.

I have found that many of the marketers who currently use Twitter, make serious mistakes that are detrimental to their marketing efforts.

The most common Twitter mistakes that can hurt your marketing instead of building your business are listed below.

  • Neglecting to join in on the conversation.

Twitter was designed to be a great place to quickly and easily converse with your followers and your business contacts.  It was NOT designed to function as a bulletin board or as a classified advertising site.  Twitter was made specifically for communication.

One of the major Twitter mistakes that can hurt your marketing, is by not actively participating in conversations with your followers.

You can easily share tweets with your followers with Twitter’s retweet function.   So why not participate in the conversation and use it frequently with your followers?

  • Tweeting spammer posts

Of all the Twitter mistakes that can hurt your marketing, Tweeting nothing but promotional advertisements will quickly get you “unfollowed”.

People quickly tire of seeing nothing but promotional ads, and will remove you from their follow list in a heartbeat if that’s all you ever Tweet.

  • The use of auto follow software

You really don’t want to be using auto follow software on Twitter.  All you get by using it is a bunch of unwanted people following your Tweets that waste your time with stuff you probably have absolutely no interest in.

Auto follow software has it’s place; but Twitter is not it.

  • Another Twitter mistake that can hurt your marketing is posting Tweets that are totally irrelevant.

Keep in mind what your followers are interested in and keep your tweets relevant.

If you’re using Twitter to spread the word about your “Mosquito Lagoon & Indian River Fishing” website;  don’t tweet your followers about your newest Internet marketing affiliate product.

Your followers will not appreciate it, and will probably drop you from their list, if you continue tweeting information they don’t care about.

It’s O.K. to tweet about your daily activities, just keep it on point.

Twitter marketing when conducted properly, is responsible for huge amounts of business growth in a swath of online businesses.

If you studiously avoid the Twitter mistakes that can hurt your marketing efforts and harm your business, you will enjoy an advantage over your other less educated competitors.

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