Treat Your Email Subject Lines Like A Twitter Post

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 24, 2010
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The same marketing principles apply when you treat your email subject lines like a Twitter post.

6142bae656a64cb8_inside-twitter-1A good email subject line is like a good tweet; the shorter it is, the more important it becomes to properly design your text to earn clicks from your visitors.

Designing your email subject line for viewer usability, is especially important to get your readers to continue forward.

Your email subject lines have one mission; to earn a click that opens your email.

The same principles that elicit this response, applies to both email subject lines and tweets.

Links that are amusing, outrageous, or inspirational are links that we will likely Tweet.  We compose our Tweets to get other people to click on them.  Sometimes with more effectiveness than others.

So if you treat your email subject line like a Twitter post; how do you go about writing an effective CLICK-ABLE text?

  • First you must remember that viewers usually only read the first few characters of text as they scan a list.
  • So make the first few characters count.
  • Highlighting is a good way to catch your viewers eye.

Highlights can be applied to keywords, Months, cities, states, or anything of importance that imparts a sense of news to your reader.

  • Highlighting and front-loading you keywords; makes your email subject line doubly effective.
  • To make your users feel that they are getting useful concrete information, it’s important to be very specific with your email subject line.
  • Keep your Tweets and your email subject line below 130 characters.This is important for users who might want to re-tweet your email subject line; and is especially important if you hope to benefit from any viral effect of followers becoming aware of your feed.
  • There is marked difference in the useful life of Tweets vs email subject lines which can affect your marketing efforts.

Click-though statistics show that Tweets have a much shorter useful life, than email subject lines that are circulated in newsletters.

  • Tweets generally get a lot of clicks within the first few minutes of their posting and then almost none at all.
  • Email subject lines on the other hand continue to generate clicks for days to weeks after being received in mailboxes.

This phenomenon is called click-through decay.    Time is believed to pass approximately ten times faster on Twitter, than it does as an email.

Although this may not seem important, click-through decay can cause problems when trying to reach international customers on Twitter.

If you treat your email subject lines like a Twitter post, your email campaigns will become more effective and you will see your bottom line increase.

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